Does anyone else think this name is ridiculous?

I heard the name Baelyn…
So made up, right?


Is it for a boy or a girl.
Its not my fave, but if you like it that is the only thing that matters.
Baelyn Sounds kinda made up but it could work for a girl.

I saw it on a girl. No, I don’t like it.
I was just wondering on peoples opinions!

I do think it sounds a bit made up, but I have certainly seen worse!

Reminds me of a Baleen (sp?) whale.

Makes me think of a bailiff. I’ve seen a LOT worse, though.

I’m not a fan of Baelyn. It does seem made up.

It annoys me. All those names annoy me. I must be cranky because who cares what other people do, and if they want to self-identify as uneducated and devoid of taste, I should be glad. Saves everyone time. But I feel sorry for the kids being named these retard-o names. It’s like, [name]Hi[/name] everybody, my mom is like [name]Britney[/name] Spears but without all that money.

I used to know someone in school named [name]Mei[/name]-lin. She was part [name]Asian[/name] (not sure what country) and part Latino (again not sure which country). Her mom was a substitute teacher, usually taking over Spanish classes. It looks like [name]Meilin[/name] or Meiling is not made up though. Baelyn - I think it is because it has become popular to use this set of letters and just personalize it with an initial. It also reminds me of [name]Bai[/name] Ling. I’m not sure why [name]Bai[/name] Ling is famous, but she’s on Go Fug Yourself all the time.

I heard once someone who was pregnant, making a list of all the names and settling on one, and then mentioning to someone else that now they had to figure out how they were going to spell it, it was a boy’s name, [name]Ryan[/name], for a girl. Ok, we got the name, we like the name, but the spelling troubles us, so we will take out our pencil and sort that out next. Seemed like she understood this was a trendy thing to do, she seemed kind of a bohemian or yuppie kind of person actually. A few of my cousins seemed to be like this, slight tweak, nothing outrageous.

Seems kind of bizarre to me - some people cannot even spell dictionary words. If I heard a name I never saw before, I would want to know how do you spell that. As in, how is it spelled, not how do you spell it. If your name is [name]Mary[/name], it’s spelled M-a-r-y. If you’re telling me it’s Maeyreigh, you spelled it wrong, your parents spelled it wrong. I can’t reallllly get too upset, from what I hear many immigrants to the U.S. had their names spelled wrong; genealogy sites claim that just because you spell and pronounce your surname a certain way doesn’t make it the “correct” spelling or the only authentic spelling.

However, if you said your name is [name]Mireille[/name], I would expect it to be spelled that way, not MeRae, and [name]Michaela[/name], not [name]McKayla[/name]. If you spell it differently, I hope that you will tell me that’s how they spell it in another language, or it’s exactly as it was on your grandmother’s birth certificate. I don’t know what Baelyn is supposed to be. If I close my eyes and imagine it, I guess it’s pretty, might as well be a name as any other names are, but for some reason I think of a sterile environment like a hospital, where it’s a brand of bandages or a type of cream.

…but for some reason I think of a sterile environment like a hospital, where it’s a brand of bandages or a type of cream. -[name]Karen[/name] said this.

eeeewww…[name]Karen[/name], you are great at describing a truly boring and slightly repellant name! You’re so right.

Lol, some people got so mad at me when I posted this on Y!A…

Well, I don’t particularly like it, but…

At some point, everyone’s name was made up by someone. No need to get too tweaked about it.