Does Iscah sound too made-up (Its a Biblical name)

Thoughts about Iscah? As it is a bit unusual (and I guess the basis for “[name]Jessica[/name]” through Shakespear). I was thinking of groundng it with a more well known Biblical name, like

Iscah [name]Elisabeth[/name].

It doesn’t sound made-up to me. If I heard it, I would just assume it was foreign, but definitely real. I’m not sure about the sound of it. Somehow, it feels kind of masculine to me even with the “ah” ending (a la [name]Jeremiah[/name], etc.).

It doesn’t sound made up, just rare. But the first thing I thought of when I saw it was [name]Isaac[/name], which made me think it was a boys’ name.

Nope, and I love it!! :smiley:

if it’s a biblical name it is not made-up is it…lol


sorry. this seems really harsh to me, not for a pretty little girl.

My mind also read it as [name]Isaac[/name]. It’s not really my style. I do like [name]Micah[/name] for a girl. I’ve heard [name]Micah[/name] pronounced as meyek-ah and as meek-ah. I prefer the first pronunciation.

Is that where Ishkabibble came from?

It’s a little daring but I like it. Most people won’t recognize it as a biblical name, so if that’s important to you, there might be a better choice out there, although for those who do recognize it you’ll probably get some serious props. I think it makes a nice fresh take on [name]Jessica[/name], but I’m also the gal who would name a daughter [name]Sarai[/name] before considering [name]Sarah[/name]. :slight_smile: