Does this name flow alright?

I adore the name [name]Malcolm[/name]. Our future son’s name, however, would be [name]Malcolm[/name] Maylen. [name]How[/name] bad is that? Not only does the M sound repeat, but also the L. The vowel sound (A) is different though (one short, one long).

I would appreciate your honest opinions on the flow of this name. Should I take my beloved [name]Malcolm[/name] off the list?


Honestly, it is a bit of a tongue twister for me!

I actually think it sounds quite nice

I like it! Very handsome.

It sounds a bit like a 1940s/50s period film character, or even a comic book character. I like it!

It’s a lot of “m”, but I think it flows well. “[name]Malcom[/name] [name]Mallen[/name]”, for instance, would be too much of the “mal” sound, but I think the “may” in your last name breaks it up enough.

Thanks everyone! I think we may have a winner…