Dog name set

This is just for fun, but I am narrowing down my list of pet names, and I’m currently working on sets for dogs.
I’d love to see which combinations you prefer, because I can’t seem to narrow it down to only sets of 2.
Again, it’s just for fun! All names are pop culture/fandom names. I wrote down how to pronounce them for those who are unfamiliar with the name :smiley:
For those interested, the names are for a Golden Retriever and a Stabyhoun.

The names (all are for males only):
Sano (pron: the A is like in Maria, and the O is short. So Sah-no (like the french ‘non’ without the n)) - Nickname for a manga character I like.
Tabo (pron: Same as Sano but with a T and a B) - nickname of my favorite Japanese artist.
Saengie (Pron: Pretty much how it’s spelled) - nickname of my favorite Korean artist.
Natsu - Main character in Fairy Tail anime/manga.

  • Sano & Tabo
  • Sano & Saengie
  • Sano & Natsu
  • Tabo & Saengie
  • Tabo & Natsu
  • Saengie & Natsu

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What combinations would you guys make? You can pick more than one answer in the poll :smiley: