Donovan Calix

We’re still waiting to find out the sex of our baby, but we’d like to settle on something for boy and girl. So far the ONLY boy name we agree on is [name]Donovan[/name]. I also like [name]Calix[/name], but my partner thinks it’s kind of a trying-too-hard-to-be-different kind of name. He likes it as a middle name however. So for now it’s [name]Donovan[/name] [name]Calix[/name].

The only real reservation we have it that people will want to call him [name]Don[/name] for short which neither of us can stand at the moment (slight exaggeration). I would opt for [name]Van[/name] or even Dono for a nickname but of course I will not be able to control the urge in others to call him [name]Don[/name]. Also, we have to consider that he may very well want to call himself [name]Don[/name].

Are we blowing this whole [name]Don[/name] thing out of proportion? Your thoughts are appreciated. Thanks. :slight_smile:

[name]Donovan[/name] is such a handsome name! And I like [name]Calix[/name] - I think its edgy and cool without being too "try hard’. With the whole [name]Don[/name] thing, I know a boy named Donoson (in his late teens), and no one has ever called him [name]Don[/name]. His nickname is Dono, but most people call him Donoson 85% of the time. I think a [name]Donovan[/name] could avoid the [name]Don[/name] nickname, especially if you’re already selected [name]Van[/name] or Dono in advance. However, even though I don’t think he will get called [name]Don[/name], if you’re finding that to be too much of an issue, I would look for another name that you are 100% satisfied with, nicknames and all. But, if [name]Donovan[/name] is THE NAME, I would use it and not worry about the [name]Don[/name] nickname. [name]Hope[/name] this helps!

  • [name]Sydnee[/name]

I love [name]Donovan[/name]! I know a young [name]Donovan[/name] nn [name]Nova[/name].

Very cool name! I know 2 Donovans and one is always just [name]Donovan[/name] and the other is only [name]Donovan[/name] or D for short. Neither is ever called [name]Don[/name].