Saw this in a book my [name]Tamora[/name] [name]Pierce[/name]. Wdyt? I’m in search of extremely rare baby names. Hopefully this made up one doesn’t get stolen by nameberries!

Hmm. I’m not sure what syllable to stress. I don’t love it any way, but kind of like it better as [name]DOVE[/name] (like the bird) -uh-SAIR-ee more than [name]DOE[/name] va sair ee or something. It’s too word like for me, like a nursery for doves or an adversary of doves or something. I think most on NB would agree. I think it is also too unisex for the taste of most people on here. I think the nn [name]Dov[/name]/[name]Dove[/name] is sweet and I don’t think it would work horribly as a name. I think spelling and prn would be constant challenges but that’s true of some better known names too. Good luck as you continue to search.

Not a fan. I also think it is a bit difficult to figure out how to pronounce (DUH vs [name]DOE[/name] and SAIR vs SAH) and seems like an SAT prep word (commissary, adversary–I laughed about a nursery for doves or adversary or doves, haha). I like [name]Dove[/name], but would go with Doviva (very rare) or [name]Dover[/name] or just [name]Dove[/name].

Oh good point ellenelle - I too love the name [name]Doveva[/name] and it is not heavily used at all. Spelling and prn aren’t 100% intuitive but much closer. @OP I think it’s a much more wearable option than Dovasery.

I don’t like it. I pronounced it dove-a-sair-ee…which just makes me think an adversary of doves. I’m like you in that I love rarely used names, but this one I just can’t get behind. Maybe try:


The first isn’t used much and the second I made up just now when I was looking at Clodovea. I’m pronouncing it dov-ee-uh…and I don’t think anybody has used it :stuck_out_tongue:

Dantea – this actually made me laugh out loud as I immediately imagined a small stocky grumpy person shaking their fist at a flock of doves!

This of course has completely wrecked any possible positive comments on the name (sorry uniquenamelover!)

I have never come across [name]Doveva[/name]. [name]Doveva[/name] is very interesting.

[name]Doveva[/name] is now in the name cloud, haha. I think it’s a great name!

I saw that, LMAO.

I bet it has never been there before.

LOL that was my first thought too. Poor doves

I’m not much for fantasy names, but will admit to liking this one at first sight. According to the pronunciation guide on her site, [name]Tamora[/name] intended it to be “doe-vah-SAIR-ee” (with a sleeker long-O). For me the lack of history/meaning is a dealbreaker, and four syllables is overlong anyway (sounds like a confederacy, maybe), but as far as invented names go, I like Dovasary quite a lot.