Down to 2 Names.....Thoughts

See the results of this poll: Which one do you like better

Respondents: 55 (This poll is closed)

  • Hayden Joseph : 16 (29%)
  • Hudson Joseph: 39 (71%)

I am personally adverse to names such as [name]Aiden[/name], [name]Cayden[/name], [name]Jayden[/name], etc. and I think that [name]Hudson[/name] is more masculine. Not sure about a nn, maybe Hud or [name]Sonny[/name]?

[name]Hudson[/name] for me! I absolutely love it, and [name]Hayden[/name] is just too much of the [name]Aiden[/name] trend for me right now. [name]Hudson[/name] [name]Joseph[/name] is adorable. I’m not sure there are really any cute nns for [name]Hudson[/name] or [name]Hayden[/name], though, haha, so I’d probably just try and find a nn for him based on a personality trait, or something like that. Or maybe you could do HJ. That doesn’t really roll off the tongue like CJ, EJ, JJ, AJ, KJ, MJ, etc., though… I think something like [name]Buddy[/name] or [name]Little[/name] [name]Bear[/name] is adorable no matter what the official name, though, haha.

Good luck!

[name]Hudson[/name] is cooler and more unique. -ayden names are really popular right now and I would advise against them if you don’t want your son to be in a class with [name]Jayden[/name], [name]Brayden[/name], [name]Aiden[/name] and [name]Cayden[/name].

[name]Hayden[/name] makes me think girl because of [name]Hayden[/name] Panettiere. Maybe it it was spelled [name]Haydn[/name]? Overall I like [name]Hudson[/name] better, it sounds more masculine

I like [name]Hayden[/name], despite all the [name]Ayden[/name], cayden, jaydens out there. But I also like [name]Hudson[/name] so it was a close call for me. I voted [name]Hayden[/name] because I think it sounds better with [name]Joseph[/name]. [name]Both[/name] are great though!

I think [name]Hayden[/name] [name]Joseph[/name] flows better as well! Very nice combo.

[name]Hudson[/name] 100%

[name]Hayden[/name] sounds feminine to me.

What about [name]Hayes[/name] instead of [name]Hayden[/name] (which I find to be incredibly girly)

[name]Hayden[/name] [name]Joseph[/name] has better flow as a combo. [name]Hudson[/name] [name]Joseph[/name] sounds kind of harsh to my ears. There is a [name]MALE[/name] actor named [name]Hayden[/name] Christensen so I find it more unisex than feminine.

[name]Hayden[/name] is a nice name but I think [name]Hudson[/name] is more masculine and that would be my pick.