Dragon and others...

There is a brand new class of freshmen at my high school, and I got to meet a lot of them because I’m in this leadership program at my shool. I should also add that, yes, you did read the title right. Dragon is the given name of a freshman at my school. My friend had him in her group on the first day of school, and my teacher showed me his name on the roster. I never thought I would someone with a name such as Dragon.

Here are some more of the good, bad, and interesting. Since they’re freshmen, figure they’re about 14 years old.

Ryle (pr. like [name]Riley[/name])
[name]Quinn[/name] (his mom’s maiden name)
[name]Guillermo[/name] (from Venezuela, he’s also a triplet, although I haven’t met the other two)

[name]Leela[/name] (4 years ago, her mom changed it from [name]Julia[/name] to this)
Seria (pr. like [name]Serena[/name] without the N)
Cariana [name]Beth[/name] (okay, not a freshman but a friend of my brother who’s in 8th grade)

I’m spacing on some other names right now… I’ll try to come back with more later. But here’s the list for now - enjoy!

Is his name actually spelled “Dragon”? Because “Dragan” (spelled with two a’s) is an actual boy’s name from several eastern European countries, meaning “precious.”

– [name]Nephele[/name]