Did you ever had a dream about your future child/baby name? I just had a dream that seemed so real and so detailed.
I am currently single but I dreamed that I was pregnant with a baby girl. Me and her father were already separated but he seemed very happy and involved. I was talking with a friend(I don’t really remember who it was) discussing every detail, how I wanted everything to be filmed, how I asked her to note the exact time the baby will be born and telling her that I’m freaking out because I forgot to bring some clothes for the baby, I also told her how I don’t want her to be dressed up.
Then I remember about the baby’s father and I was wondering where is he. When I saw him he was/looked like a guy I dated for a short time a few years ago, and in the dream we were discussing how the baby will be born exactly on our 3 years anniversary since we knew each others and that date was 16 february. At that moment I thought about how we were there together, excited about having our baby. Then I realized I didn’t felt the baby kicking, but he puts his hand on my belly and everything felt alright. I looked in the mirror and was kind of intrigued about how small my belly was, but when I lifted my gray shirt I finally saw a big belly, covered in stretch marks.
I looked at the window and saw him kind of arguing with a girl who seemed to be his girlfriend. I didn’t remembered the baby’s birth neither did I saw her, but for some reason I searched on YouTube and saw that the father has a YouTube channel. As I was scrolling I saw a video called “Asia’s mom” and it hit me, her name was ASIA.

I do! I think that might be a side effect of researching about names a lot :sweat_smile:

I once dreamt of having a little girl named [name_f]Alexandra[/name_f], which made me love the name more, and another time of a [name_f]Ada[/name_f] [name_f]Daphne[/name_f]. These are names I think I would actually go for, if none of my current favourite names would be usable.