Due in two weeks! Which name do you prefer?

Due in two weeks and feeling slightly panicked about names. We’re Team Green but here is what we have narrowed it down to on the boy side:

  • Charlie
  • Theodore, nn Teddy
  • Wells
  • Sullivan, nn Sully
  • Macklin, nn Mac

Overall, I’d say we’re looking for names that feel somewhat classic, unique without being too try-hard, and have good nickname potential

Points of consideration:

  • Is Charlie just way, way too popular?
  • Is Theodore about to be too popular? (My husband doesn’t love Theo or Ted, either! He likes Theodore and Teddy but worries there’s no good middle ground there.)
  • Is Wells too out there? (This is my fav name but my husband feels like it might be just a smidge too “out there” and the nickname potential isn’t super high)
  • We’re doing a family surname as the middle name, so Sullivan Lastname Lastname sounds a bit like three last names in a row…
  • Is Macklin too out there?

What do you like? What are your first impressions? Can you tell we’re going neurotic over this decision?! :slight_smile:

Charlie is sweet, but I would definitely prefer it as a nn. It’s not super popular where I am, but it probably is in the UK.

Theodore is probably my favorite of your options. It’s a very handsome, formal name with the cutest of nns to go with it! It is also getting more popular, but not concerningly so.

For some reason, I can’t picture a little boy or a man with the name Wells. I suppose it’s because I’ve never met one, but I can only think of it as a surname.

Sullivan has an overwhelming association with Monsters Inc. If I move past that, it is very handsome .

Macklin is very nice. Probably my second pick for you. Mac is very sweet.

Hope this helps!

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Congratulations on your baby!

Charlie is becoming very popular. I know 5 boy Charlies (2 of them are just Charlie, the other 3 are Charles nn Charlie). I also know 2 girl Charlies (just Charlie, not a nickname for anything). So if you want an uncommon name, I don’t think Charlies the name for you. It is a lovely, handsome name though.

Theodore is a classic. It’s handsome and timeless. Teddy is a great nickname, but I can see it being shortened to Ted as he grows up, specially by his friends. It’s popular but really not too popular. If you want the nickname Teddy and you don’t want to use Theodore, what about Edward?

Wells is not too out there! My professor’s son’s name is Wells (he’s 2) and he’s just the cutest thing. It’s the right mix of unique without being too weird, recognizable, and easy to say. Wells can be a nickname in itself for Wellington, Willoughby, Samwell, Hartwell, Howell, Lowell, Maxwell, Orwell, or Stilwell.

Sullivan is a nice name too. I agree with you though, that’s a lot of last names so I would say this name isn’t the one for you. Names like Sullivan: Cormac, Fletcher, Griffin, and Donovan.

Macklin is not too out there at all! It is different but it’s recognizable and easy to pronounce. Especially with the more common nickname Mac, it’s perfect. If you want a more common name with the nickname Mac, how about Cormac?

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Congratulations! Charlie is a little too popular for my liking, although it is a lovely name. Sullivan ‘Sully’ is awesome but I do wonder if it’s too much with a middle name that’s also a surname and then baby’s actual surname. I guess it depends on what they are though. Wells for some reason really appeals to me; it’s not something I’d usually like but it has a really stately, almost preppy vibe to it? Might have the same issue as Sullivan though (last name overload). Macklin ‘Mac’ is interesting. I like Mac but I think I’d prefer it as a nickname for Cornac personally. I think, for the reasons I’ve listed and because I love it, my vote goes to Theodore. It’s getting more popular, yes, but I don’t think outrageously so, plus Teddy is such an awesome nickname.

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I think Sullivan is perfect for you - tradicional but unexpected. Sullivan works well as a first name. The three surnames wouldn’t bother me, but if you’re not sure about it, then I would also eliminate Wells and pick Theodore. Charlie and Theodore are quite popular, but Theodore offers you many nickname options. Have you thought about Eddy or Bear?
I’m not crazy about Macklin, sorry.

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Where are you based?

Charlie is very popular in the UK, and has been for a while, but it’s been decreasing in popularity for a few years now. I know far more little Theos and Teddys of my children’s age (all under 5) than Charlies.

In the US, Charlie is still pretty uncommon, but rising rapidly for both sexes. Theodore is also becoming increasingly popular, although Teddy and Theo still feel quite quirky.

Wells and Sullivan are great! I especially like Sullivan because of its versatility. Sullivan is solid but jaunty, Sully is sweet and friendly, and Van sounds cool for any age.

Macklin I’m not crazy about personally, but it’s also a good choice if you’re looking for underused names with nickname potential. It doesn’t seem too out there, since other Mac and Mc names are pretty popular.

A few suggestions for you…

Franklin “Frankie”
Cormac “Mac”
Maxwell “Mac” or “Wells”
Arthur “Teddy” (because of “bear” meaning) or “Archie”
Orson “Sonny” or “Teddy” (again, means “bear”)
Alfred “Alfie” or “Freddie”
Conrad “Rad”
Edison “Teddy” or “Sonny”
Darwin “Win”
Rafferty “Rafe/Raff” “Raffy”
Magnus “Max/Mac” or “Gus”
August “Auggie” or “Gus”
Laurence “Laurie”
Winston “Win”
Felix “Fox”

Good luck! :four_leaf_clover:

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My favourite is Theodore nn Teddy! I like Wells too.

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Out of your choices I think Theodore nn Teddy is great. I dont think it’s overly popular yet

Sullivan also feels like a solid choice. Middle and first names are raely used together and Sullivan feels very namey anyway.

Desmond(Donny, Dez, Teddy), Edward (Teddy, Eddy), Malcolm (Mack) and Donovan (Donny, Van) also came to mind as alternative options

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I would pick Theodore for you! It seems the least problematic and it feels just classic enough that rising popularity won’t make it trendy. Also, most Theodores default to Theo, so your Teddy would stick out from the crowd (in a great way!).

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Wells is my favorite, followed by Macklin! :slight_smile:

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Wow such a cool list but Incompletely understand each of your concerns. All of your concerns in my place my first pick from your list is Charlie and then Theodore.

You’ve been given some good suggestions above. Without repeating those I think Edwin, Edmund, I also think of Fredrick but not quite sure that would work!

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  1. Charlie
  2. Macklin

Don’t particularly care for the others to be honest. Theodore is a mouthful. Wells is very unfamiliar at least in the US (looks like it’s missing a letter… Wellis?)

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Charlie is absolutely wonderful, but he probably won’t be the only one in his class.

I love love love the nickname Teddy, but I didn’t realize it was so popular. I like the suggestion of Edward to get to Teddy (also, love Eddie).

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I adore Theodore “Teddy”, but it’s so great to see someone else who loves Macklin! “Mac” is so adorable. I’m not sure which to vote for, but it’s between those two for me.

Charlie is quite popular, yes. And, yes, Theodore is on the rise and very well could be as common as Charlie in the next few years. --But don’t let that stop you from using either name, as popularity matters less than loving the name you choose!
I’m not a huge fan of Wells myself, but I do think that if you are having any hesitations at all or feeling less keen on it than than the others, it’s probably not the best choice for you.
I definitely would rule out Sullivan if the middle name is a surname.
I honestly love Macklin and don’t think it’s too out-there at all! It has a perfect fits-in/stands-out sound and vibe.

Hope this could help! :slight_smile:

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I love Sullivan… No one (except maybe you) will be saying First-Middle-Last names together!
Theodore is my 2nd pick, but agree it’s getting more popular if that bothers you.

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Charlie is one of the sweetest boy names out there. It just sounds so friendly to me! I don’t think it’s too popular if you really love it!

Theodore is definitely trending upward, but just like Charlie, I think your feelings about the name carry more weight. Teddy is my favorite nickname for Theodore. It just sounds so stylish!

I don’t think Wells is too out there. There was a Bachelorette contestant who is now married to the actress Sarah Hyland named Wells. I think that has made the name more familiar. I think it’s nice.

I love Sullivan, but not a huge fan of Sully. I feel like the concern about three surnames in a row truly depends on what the names are. Trust your gut on that one!

Macklin is my least favorite on your list. Reminds of the character Burt Macklin on Parks and Rec. But Mac is such an adorable nickname. What about another way to get there? Cormac? McCoy? Macaulay? Macon?

I would vote for Theodore, nickname Teddy. Mac comes in a close second (I vote for Cormac!)

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I really like Wells. I think it’s very cute. I don’t think it necessarily needs a nickname, but I’m sure he’ll get nicknames from you two even if it doesn’t come directly from Wells (I have a sister named Claudia called Bo). I also like Wilson which seems like something in between Wells and Sullivan (my second fave from your list).

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Sullivan is my favorite

I’d also suggest Calvin nn Cal, Leland nn Lee, and Andrew nn Andy/Drew.

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I adore Charlie and Wells! Those are my favorites from your list but theyre all great! I dont think you can go wrong with any of these.

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I love your list! I think my favorite is Sullivan–a sweet-spot name in terms of popularity (imo) and Sully is adorable. I don’t think Sullivan Lastname Lastname is necessarily a problem depending on what the names are, but of course your opinion of that is what really matters! I don’t think Wells is too “out there” at all. It’s not my style, but I can definitely see the appeal. As others have pointed out though, it might pose the same triple-lastname question as Sullivan, if that bothers you. Macklin does feel a little more “out there” to me; I’ll be honest, I hadn’t heard of it. But it has all the makings of a very current name, and Mac is a fun, familiar nickname. Maybe Malcolm could also work? I really like both Charlie and Theodore (and Teddy is so sweet), but I’m not sure exactly how popular they are where you are. I tend to think it’s worth using your very favorite name even if it’s popular, but ymmv. I also love @AdroitArtemis’s suggestion of Edward nn Teddy, if you want something more underused!

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