Each name a twin?!?!?

DH said quite possibly the most stupid thing in the world to me this morning: “Why don’t we each name a twin and then we will both be happy?” And he was being serious. I almost spat my muesli all over him in shock.

My husband and I have a similar taste but some of his choices downright scare me, I sometimes sit there thinking: “Did I marry a madman?!” Sometimes he comes out with some gems of names but it’s a rare occurrence, kind of like a solar eclipse or pandas having babies!

The thing is he is being completely serious and thinks it’s the best way to name twins! At first I honestly thought he was joking. I straight up told him where he could stick that idea because there is no way I giving up a chance to name one of my children.

Naming [name_m]Rufus[/name_m] was a way for me to connect with him and I also really enjoyed the naming process and journey that my husband and I went on.

But it got me thinking, have you ever heard of people doing this?

OMG, that sounds like something my husband could say! Husbands are like dads - they’re all somewhat alike. :wink:
Back to the actual question…I know a few couples with twins but I have never heard of anyone naming them like that! Personally, I’m in the “both parents should love the name” camp so I don’t quite see it working out. I also think that naming a baby brings you closer together and I would not want to miss that chance. Is there a way you could make your husband change his mind?

@thefairophelia: I already told him no in no uncertain terms but he still thinks it’s a great idea but he said he wouldn’t push the idea if I didn’t like it. And I bloody hate the idea! Because what if he chose something I hated and I did the same and chose something he hated.

But it just made me laugh! It seems like such a guy thing to say. But I nipped the idea in the bud straight away!

Honestly, it makes sense to me! Two babies, two parents. Many twin parents I know, including my brother and [name_m]SIL[/name_m], have used this method and it usually seems to work for them. It’s not that much different than one parent naming the first child/other parent names the second child, or one parent choosing the child’s first name/other parent chooses the child’s middle name. That being said…I have a husband, too, so I know how they can be about names :wink: my own husband has tossed some doozies out there! I honestly don’t think I could trust (as bad as that sounds) him to choose a name completely on his own, while I do think that his voice for sure matters here.

[name_m]How[/name_m] about you guys each come up with a list of names, that you both agree on (or at least each can tolerate), and agree to pick from that list? That way, you can see his thought process, still get a bit of a voice in the matter, and he would get to “choose” still. I think there’s actually quite a bit of room for compromise here! :slight_smile:

Maybe each naming a twin is not the best solution but if you both come up with a list of first and middles you both love, then each can make a combo (with the approval of the other partner). Then you’ll each name a kid BUT from names that have been previously approved by the other one!

In my case I had no option but to use [name_m]Thiago[/name_m] as a first name of baby A (I love it now though!) so my job was to find [name_m]Thiago[/name_m] a combo and a ‘matching’ brother lol.

My cousin and her husband each named one of their identical twin girls. Worked great for them.

The only twinset I know were already named before they were even conceived, they got their names after their great-grandmothers. But my best friend is expecting twins and in a shocking turn events, she’s given up naming to the god-parents, we get to name one kid each. I think she’s a pretty special case though, she’s super picky and hates everything so this way she reckons the children will be named within the decade.

if we have twin girls it will kind of be like that, we’ll use his top pick and mine. they work well as a pair without being to matchy so it works out well. for boys we have a top pick that we both love, so we would probably pick a second one we both like as well. I can see it working out, but I would say you should at least approve of the name and vice versa. no surprises or anything one of you hates.

Or why don’t one of you pick the middle name and the other pick the first name and vice versa for the other twin? That way everyone gets at least one name they like per child

This idea is not very startling or revolutionary. I’ve heard of it done several times. Some parents don’t care if their children’s names coordinate or “match” or whatever, so if one parent likes [name_f]Ophelia[/name_f] and the other likes [name_u]Piper[/name_u], there’s not really an issue.

I think it is a great idea if you have first agreed on a list of names that you both like. I agree that I would not want to give over full control to my husband because I wouldn’t want to have no say in one of my kids’ names. I think if you can come up with a list that you would both be okay with and then each choose one off of the list, that is a perfectly reasonable and acceptable way to name your children. Whether that means a list of 5 or 100, as long as every name on the list you are both on board with. It may also create issues with names on the list being too similar or just not working together that may require some further discussion (such as rhyming, sounding too similar, having same nicknames), but other than that I think it is a fair idea.

We have decided to sort of do what my husband said. We have each drawn up a list of names that are approved by both of us, my husband has 5 names and I have 5 names but my husband is letting me have final say as he loves all of the names and isn’t as crazy about names as me. So I just have to choose one name from column A and one from column B.

Thanks for all your input!