Early baby gender predictor tests?

[name_m]Hi[/name_m] Berries,
I just got my long-awaited BFP yesterday! I’m still in a state of shock. This will be #1 for us.
Now of course we’re curious about what we’re having! We are completely happy either way… I just want to know, haha. I’ve seen at-home early gender predictor tests that you can use as early as 7 weeks. Has anyone used these? I’m looking at the lancet ones because finger pricks don’t work on me. Is it painful? Is it easy? Accurate? TIA for any insights!

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I’ve known several people who used the at-home ones (Sneak [name_m]Peak[/name_m], I think) and got incorrect results :grimacing:

I had an NIPT blood test done at my doctor’s office. They screen for various genetic conditions and we found out the sex of the baby as a bonus. It was just a simple blood test that they did and sent off, then we got an email from the company around 2 weeks later. Not every insurance company covers it but ours ended up covering it in the end. Otherwise it was going to be in the $150-$200 range. I can’t remember exactly, as that was 3 years ago now.

I don’t think anything is going to be 100% accurate but I personally would only go with the in-office one. It was done in a clean office by nurses with gloves and sterile equipment. I worry there’s too much risk for contamination at my own place. I don’t know what all options are available to you but it doesn’t hurt to ask your provider :slight_smile:

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Asking as a trypanophobe who is not pregnant and will not be for a long time if ever, but just out of curiosity, do you know of any ones that don’t involve a blood draw?

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Unfortunately no :confused: I mean, other than an ultrasound. You typically get one ultrasound early on and another around 18-20 weeks. You can usually find out then though some people choose to do private ultrasounds at a private company earlier than that.

I’ve seen ones where you use urine but those aren’t accurate. I looked it up when I saw your comment and the theory was that testosterone from a male baby would show up in the pregnant parent’s urine. That’s not how that works though.


We looked into the nub theory test for fun I think at 8/10/12 weeks. I forget when it is supposed to work but it turned out to be accurate for us 2/2 babies and the same for my sisters baby. There is another test for fun to do with skull shape but I didn’t end up looking into it. There is another test to do with what quadrant the placenta enbedds but I think that one was
more to do with chance. So exciting the wait to find out!

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Nub theory has been correct for majority in the FB group I’m in as well as myself and family. It’s pretty accurate from 12 weeks.

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I also looked into SneakPeek (12 weeks pregnant here! Had my first ultrasound at 8.5 weeks tho) because I’m itching to find out - apparently they refund you if your results are wrong, but this process can take forever and may not really be worth it.

Depending on where you live you could potentially get a NIPT, here in [name_m]Ontario[/name_m], it’s only covered by OHIP (provincially funded insurance) for high risk pregnancies (twins, mothers over 40, IVF/In-Vitro, etc.), and if you opt for it without falling under that category, it’s around $550 CAD if your private insurance doesn’t cover it.

I looked into NIPT but since I don’t fall under any of the criteria, and my insurance doesn’t cover it, I’ve opted to wait. Lol I’m 18 weeks on [name_f]April[/name_f] 10th, so we’ll see what happens there.


Thanks for the input and sharing experiences! :slight_smile: I’m going to go ahead and wait for the bloodwork at 12 weeks and see what happens. Some of the at-home tests look painful for what may not even be accurate.:frowning: I’m going to be thrilled either way so I’ll be patient, ha!

Side note - can I just say how much I love the NB community? I’ve browsed some other forums and some of the posters can be so snarky, mean, and condescending whereas Berries are so polite and helpful. So a big thanks again not only for your input but also for being awesome.

Id just wait to the 20 week scan. Its very exciting! I could have done the genetic screening test but decided not to for fear of false positives of something being wrong! :grimacing::grimacing: Also it gives you half a pregnancy to imagine both boy and girl names and outfits! Sorry I don’t have an knowledge about the test you’re referring to.