Earrings for sensitive ears

Does anyone have any website or store that sells nickle free for a reasonable price. I’m severely allergic to nickel (which of course I found out due to my earrings when I was like 9). Anway I just repriced my ears and I need to know where to find some. Thanks

Claire’s usually has some earrings for sensitive ears & I think Walmart has them also.

Same! I have a super severe nickel allergy, I break out in burning hives, like fire-ant bites almost all over my skin, I can only wear solid yellow gold. I know Walmart has some good ones for pretty cheap (about $15 last time I got from there, they were the kids gemstone studs but they’re super pretty), but you’ll have to get different backings for them. Etsy might also have some and there’s a lot of different and cool options, though it could be a bit pricey with certain things. Another would be going to pawn shops! It’s hit and miss but it’s possible to find pretty nice stuff

oh my gosh i had the same problem lol when i was a baby my picky ears would only tolerate real pure silver and gold :joy:

Hmm…i don’t know. I know I got a lot of my earrings from Belk, idk if I grew out of my allergy or if they are pure metal/something I’m not allergic to…but they were really cheap and amazing! That’s all I can think of…department stores

I’m quite sensitive as my ears are smaller than usual and I usually use independent stores to shop around. You may not find cheaper alternatives that way, but they’re safer if your ears react. If not, I have used Claires in the past too.