Easter Advice

My husband and I have been together for 3 years. He has two kids from a previous marriage, ages 7 and 5. The baby (because she is a baby, regardless of being 5 ;]) doesn’t even remember a time before me. Holidays are split, but still kind of every other year. for instance, we will always get part of [name]Christmas[/name] with them, but where they wake up at on [name]Christmas[/name] morning will rotate every year. We are trying to get pregnant and with that, we want to establish traditions that are fair and fun to our baby as well as our older kids, who may have to miss out on things occasionally. The year before last, the kids spent easter morning with their mom’s family, but the easter bunny still came to our house. Last year, they woke at our house, so of course the easter bunny came again. This year, we won’t get them until [name]Easter[/name] afternoon, and I am not planning on doing easter baskets anymore unless they wake at our house on [name]Easter[/name]. Is this an OK thing to do? What would you guys do?

  • I am NOT asking for religious advice or “we don’t do [name]Easter[/name] bunny, too commercial”…

I would definitely still do baskets. They’re young enough that they’ll still expect it, and may feel a little shunned if they don’t get the same treatment as usual just because they didn’t start the holiday with you and your husband. Good luck and happy [name]Easter[/name]!

I would probably still do it for them. I would want that tradition already established and in place for when your own child is added to the family regardless of where they woke up on any holiday morning. [name]Holiday[/name] time provides a lot of free time for family/sibling bonding and I wouldn’t want to send any message of favoring anybody. I know you don’t have a child now, but I think if could be difficult to stop doing it and only added it back after you have a child or to only do it for your own child if the others aren’t there the morning of the holiday.

I agree with themrs., my neighbour’s daughter is 8 and her parents are still divorced, she still expects [name]Christmas[/name] Presents, [name]Easter[/name] Baskets, Halloween Treats from her dad and his girlfriend too!

Maybe whoever gets mornings can do baskets & whoever get’s afternoon can do an egg hunt or egg dying (depending on weather where you live)…maybe you can even have your husband talk to the ex about keeping it up so the traditions are similar whether the kids are at your house or hers!

I can’t imagine not wanting to give them [name]Easter[/name] baskets. Make sure they feel special and included at your house too regardless of where they spend the night!