I remember reading a book with a character named Easy. Such a word name! I wouldn’t use it as a given name, so do you guys have any suggestions that would fill out the nm Easy? What do you think of it as a name?

I think it would be an awful name to grow up with, sorry! Can you imagine the teasing potential? Half the time my mind doesn’t even go there–that’s just not the kind of person I am. But Easy… is just so easy to tease! It would be awful.

I wouldn’t recommend it, even as a nn, but if I was going to use it as a nn for a longer name, I would use Eason. I don’t know much about the name but an old acquaintance of mine used to love Eason (EE-son), and I think it’s pretty interesting. I prefer [name]Eamon[/name] (AY-mon) in general, though.