Element Names

Hey, I need some names for a few groups of families. I’m in the process of writing a story where there are a bunch of noble families- all named in some way after the elements. So, fire, water, air, and earth, plus maybe any names about the sun, moon, or the stars. Maybe some planet stuff, depending. I know this has been done before, but I just thought maybe you guys would have a few more new ideas, at the very least to give me a place to start.

Also, I know the name [name]Azar[/name] (means fire) is a girl’s name, but could it be used as a boy’s?

Is this more of a fantasy series? Because I think [name]Azar[/name] sounds more like a boy’s name in that type of world, but if it’s strictly modern (even with magic), then I’d probably not use it.

Yeah, more fantasy than modern, so I figure I have free reign to do what I want :slight_smile: I mean, there’ll be one place where the main character will come from that’s all noble families and castles and such, so I thought [name]Azar[/name] would be okay there

[name]Earth[/name]: [name]Ceres[/name], [name]Gaia[/name] and [name]Hermia[/name] for girls; [name]Demetrius[/name] and [name]Joren[/name] for boys.

[name]Air[/name]: [name]Aura[/name] for a girl; Ilmatar for either.

[name]Fire[/name]: [name]Adena[/name] for a girl; [name]Aodh[/name] and [name]Uriah[/name] for boys; [name]Blaze[/name] for either.

Water: [name]Nerina[/name] and [name]Oceana[/name] for girls; Glyndwr and [name]Moab[/name] for boys.

Others: [name]Estrella[/name] (star), [name]Cymbeline[/name] (sun), [name]Selena[/name] (moon) and Ellora (cloud) for girls; [name]Phoebus[/name] (sun) for a boy; [name]Chandra[/name] (moon) and Ohio (river) for either.

I hope this helps. :slight_smile:


Thank you very, very much! That actually helps a lot

Ooh! Ooh! [name]Hestia[/name]! She was the Greek goddess of the hearth, which gives the fire connection! To continue on a greek/roman theme, you could probably get away with [name]Naiad[/name]/Nereid, and maybe Dryad, though the first two sound better as names. Not [name]Poseidon[/name] or [name]Zeus[/name], but maybe [name]Neptune[/name] or [name]Jupiter[/name]? And Chronos (time) is always a good one.

I love [name]Hestia[/name]! I like [name]Naiad[/name] as well, totally wouldn’t have known to look at that one, especially since I’ve never heard it before :slight_smile: Exactly what I’m going for, kind of ancient sounding and not made up or anything. Plus, if I can’t picture some names as first names, I could turn it into a last name. For my main character, I’m using the name [name]Fiori[/name]- a variation of [name]Flora[/name]- as a surname kind of having to do with earth. Does that make sense?