Elf girl #1 name poll

name her, an elf!
a lithe figure with skin pale as the moon. Her slightly wavy maroon hair was braided into two pigtails in the front, but was flowing loose in the back. Her eyes were stunning, one brown and the other a combination of brown and silver. Her graceful mulberry-tinted lips curved in a small smile.

  • [name_f]Chandrelle[/name_f]
  • Eluna
  • Elaria
  • [name_f]Arianwen[/name_f]
  • Aeronwyn
  • [name_f]Nyx[/name_f]
  • Nyxa
  • Nyxelle

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wow! A whole lot of these names are getting chosen!

do you guys want a picture of her I made on azaleasdolls?


(I’m just reading old threads lol)

Oh wow I didn’t notice how old this was
but yeah it’s totally irrelevant now but I want to see that picture!

yup same.

can’t find it now…sorry!!

That’s okay

oh I found it! I had to take a picture of the paper I printed so it’s not good quality but here Aeronwyn is!

Oooh I like it. :smile: