[name_u]Ellis[/name_u] works better for a girl or a boy?


Boy for me. It’s very handsome, reminds me of names like [name_m]Otis[/name_m], [name_m]Harris[/name_m] and [name_u]Elliot[/name_u].

All boy for me, too!

I think of this one as genuinely unisex. Although the only [name_u]Ellis[/name_u] I know is male, I think it could work on a girl/woman.

Boy, I think. I knew a girl called [name_u]Ellis[/name_u] when I was a child, but somehow it’s always felt more male to me. It would be fine on a girl too though.

The only [name_u]Ellis[/name_u] I know is a boy, so I say boy.

Thanks for the replies.

i prefer [name_f]Alice[/name_f] for a girl and [name_u]Ellis[/name_u] for a boy

Definitely boy

I would say boy, its a very handsome name, and sounds masculine in general.

I go straight to boy, but I did know a girl named [name_u]Ellis[/name_u] and she wore it well.