[name]How[/name] do you pronounce the name?
[name]Do[/name] you think I could get away with pronouncing it like emma-lyn? I prefer saying it that way, but think [name]Emmeline[/name] looks a little prettier and classier than [name]Emmalyn[/name].

Also, what do you think of the combo [name]Emmeline[/name] [name]Alice[/name]?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

I personally pronounce it [name]Emma[/name]-leen, and that’s my favourite pronunciation… but I do like [name]Emma[/name]-lyn too.

I’m not sure if you’d get [name]Emma[/name]-lyn from [name]Emmeline[/name] though, I’m always inclined to say “leen” or “line”. I suppose it’s possible, although you may have to correct a few people here and there. All depends if that bothers you much :slight_smile:

Also, [name]Emmeline[/name] [name]Alice[/name] is absolutely gorgeous! I also like [name]Emmeline[/name] [name]Ivy[/name], [name]Emmeline[/name] [name]Ruby[/name] and [name]Emmeline[/name] [name]Claire[/name].

The pronunciation of [name]Emmeline[/name] is “[name]EM[/name] uh leen.” I do not think you can change it to “[name]EM[/name] uh lyn” without changing the spelling. What about using a double first name or first/middle [name]Emma[/name] [name]Lynn[/name] since that is the sound you want? [name]Emma[/name] [name]Lynn[/name] [name]Alice[/name] works!

I would pronounce it [name]Em[/name]-me-line as is…

I have ways said [name]EM[/name] ma line. The first time I heard it was [name]Emmeline[/name] [name]Harris[/name] on [name]Anne[/name] of [name]Green[/name] Gables and that’s how the said it and how it stuck in my mind.


I’ve always said it EH-meh-line, but you can also say it EH-meh-leen, too! My combination for a future daughter is [name]Emmeline[/name] [name]Maria[/name]…

If you want it said with the -lynn ending, why not spell it [name]Emmalin[/name]?

[name]Alice[/name] is pretty as a middle name, but I love it as a first name! I also considered [name]Emmeline[/name] [name]Charlotte[/name], [name]Emmeline[/name] [name]Sarah[/name], [name]Emmeline[/name] [name]Sophia[/name], and [name]Emmeline[/name] [name]Ruby[/name].

[name]Lemon[/name] :slight_smile:

I love the name, i think its a good choice.
personally i would find the pron. emmelyn annoying when spelled the traditional way
if you dont want people to butcher it, consider a creative spelling, theres nothing wrong with it.

I love [name]Emmeline[/name]! (on our top list!), DH pronounces it like “emileen” but i pronounce it [name]Em[/name]-a-leen or [name]Em[/name]-meugh-leen .

The combe we have is [name]Emmeline[/name] [name]Rose[/name] ( Great- Grandma) but i also like [name]Lemon[/name]'s suggestion of [name]Emmeline[/name] [name]Charlotte[/name] as i like classic names

I always say emma-line

Thanks for all the input, and I’m starting to consider the pronunciation of emma-line. But, I still love it like emma-lyn.
Also, thanks to Peach, I really like the suggestion of just [name]Emma[/name] [name]Lynn[/name].
I really appreciate everyone giving me their opinions :slight_smile:

Same Here!

I’ve always pronounced in [name]Em[/name]-eh-line. The lynn pronounciation doesnt make sense to me. You could always go with the Celtic [name]Emlyn[/name].


[name]Emmalin[/name] [name]Claire[/name] is so sweet, if you like that…

[name]Lemon[/name] :slight_smile:


[name]Emmalin[/name] [name]Claire[/name] is so sweet, if you like that…

[name]Lemon[/name] :-)[/quote]

[name]Lemon[/name], thank you so much for your suggestions, I meant to mention that but totally spaced. I love [name]Emmalin[/name] [name]Charlotte[/name].
While I think [name]Emmalin[/name] [name]Claire[/name] is very pretty, I love [name]Claire[/name] so much, it’s my favorite first name for a girl! I really appreciate the suggestion though, and you clearly get my style lol. But I’m definitely adding [name]Emmalin[/name] [name]Charlotte[/name] to my list.
Thanks again :slight_smile:


In that case, definitely save [name]Claire[/name] for a first name - I love it, too! If it helps, I could definitely see [name]Emmalin[/name] (however you choose to spell it), [name]Alice[/name], and [name]Claire[/name] as sisters - very sweet sisters, at that!

[name]Glad[/name] you like [name]Emmalin[/name] [name]Charlotte[/name]…

[name]Lemon[/name] :slight_smile:

I say [name]EM[/name]-a-leen and according to thinkbabynames.com, thats the way to pronounce it!
Its a lovely name thats one of our top two…
After putting a few ppl right, they’ll get it!