Encountered a little girl named Cypress

What do you think? My first thought was, “oh sassy!” lol She was around 6 or 7 years old.


Very neat. I consider it more of a boys name though.

Fantastic! We wouldn’t use it here in Vancouver because [name_f]Cypress[/name_f] is the name of one of our coastal mountains. But it has such a beautiful sound.

I actually have [name_m]Cyprus[/name_m] on my list for a boy, so I always thought of it as a masculine name. But spelling it [name_f]Cypress[/name_f] actually does make it a lot more feminine. I love it.

I just got the impression that this was a male name… not sure why?
I see this more easily on a guy than a girl.

[name_f]Cypress[/name_f] has been one of my fave names for a girl, with [name_m]Cyprus[/name_m] being a cool option for a boy!! [name_f]Love[/name_f] both!!!