♥︎ Erika Klaire ♥︎

See the results of this poll: E or L?

Respondents: 27 (This poll is closed)

  • Larissa (Lara) Klaire : 21 (78%)
  • Erika Klaire: 6 (22%)

I could definitely see [name_f]Larissa[/name_f] fitting you!

I also really like [name_f]Erika[/name_f] - and if you go for that, the k spelling is the right choice :slight_smile:

I much prefer just [name_f]Lara[/name_f], but I don’t care for [name_f]Erika[/name_f] [name_f]Klaire[/name_f] (too many unnecessary ks)

I like [name_f]Larissa[/name_f]. I don’t like the “K” in [name_f]Claire[/name_f].

I voted for [name_f]Larissa[/name_f] (nn [name_f]Lara[/name_f]) as I much prefer it to [name_f]Erika[/name_f].

(As an aside, I dislike your spelling of your mn and think [name_f]Claire[/name_f]/[name_u]Clare[/name_u] is much nicer.)

You are SUCH a [name_f]Larissa[/name_f] “[name_f]Lara[/name_f]”! Totally fits you :slight_smile: