Ernest or Edward Frankenstein?

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  • Edward Frankenstein : 2 (22%)
  • Ernest Frankenstein: 7 (78%)

I do prefer [name]Edward[/name], and it might be better for you legally to change his name that way it’s not like you’re using her characters/ideas for profit. If you should end up getting it published. I don’t know much about the legalities of that sort of thing, so you might be fine regardless.

I like [name]Edward[/name] more than [name]Ernest[/name] anyways, and it might do some good to have a different reference for the name than Twilight.

However, to change an already established characters name is definitely tampering. Especially if you want to use the same character in your story. I guess it boils down to whether you want to use [name]Ernest[/name] as an inspiration, or if you actually want to write about the [name]Mary[/name] [name]Shelley[/name] character. If the latter, I’d leave his name as [name]Ernest[/name].
I mean, personally me reading about a [name]Charlie[/name] Weasley who’s name was changed to [name]Chance[/name] just wouldn’t feel right. It’d feel like a totally different person and story realm.

I agree with east93. If you want to write about the actual character from the already-written book, then I would leave the name as is. But if you want to use that character only for inspiration, then by all means, change it. :slight_smile:

What if the character changed his name from [name]Ernest[/name] to [name]Edward[/name] to distance himself from the stigma of what happened? Then you would keep the integrity of the original character while still being able to use the name you prefer?

Oooh this would be a brilliant idea!

I personally would love to read about more characters with the name [name]Ernest[/name], and I am sick of reading about Edwards. Nothing against the name, it is just one of the names that has been very loved by authors for centuries and is getting boring to me.
I wouldn’t change it personally. A character can grow into his name. Plus that is the name that the original author choose for the character and to me it doesn’t seem fair to change it because you don’t like the name. That is my opinion though, and I am probably wrong. Hopefully that doesn’t sound harsh, I don’t want to come off as sounding mean or rude.

Great advice given here already! I just wanted to say that your story idea is fascinating! :slight_smile: