What’s your opinion on the name [name]Evangeline[/name]?
Is it too much for a first name?
Which nickname do prefer: Eive, [name]Angie[/name] or others?

I love this name! Its so pretty and I think the potential for the tom-boyish nn [name]Evan[/name] balances it out.

I like it but I do sometimes think its a bit much. I prefer it as a middle name.

If you did use it though my favourite nn’s are [name]Evie[/name] or [name]Lina[/name].

I also like [name]Angeline[/name] which seems a little sleeker and then I love the nn’s [name]Annie[/name], [name]Anna[/name] or [name]Lina[/name]!

Best of luck :slight_smile:

My name is [name]Evangeline[/name] and, despite being very tomboyish, I’ve always loved my name. My nn is [name]Evie[/name] (pron. eh-vee, not ee-vee) and it fits me perfectly. My middle name is [name]Mae[/name] and some have taken to calling me [name]Evie[/name] [name]Mae[/name]. Some other cute nicknames are [name]Vangie[/name], Vange, [name]Angel[/name], [name]Evan[/name], [name]Lina[/name], [name]Eveline[/name] and [name]Eve[/name].

I might be in the minority here but I really dont care for [name]Evangeline[/name]. Its not the length that bothers me, I like plenty of long frilly names, its just the arangment of the sounds that rubs me wrong. Also, it makes me think of evangelical churches. [name]Eve[/name] or [name]Eva[/name] is much prettier imo.