Evanthia vs Evaluna

Hi! Usually, I’d post this in the quick polls thread, but I would really love some replies about which and why. I’ll put a poll as well!

  • Evanthia
  • Evaluna

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Pronunciations are

They’re both beautiful but I prefer Evaluna because it gives me [name_f]Stellaluna[/name_f] (like the children’s book) vibes and I’m a big fan of [name_f]Luna[/name_f]!

Both are so so beautiful, its impossible to pick!
Evaluna is ethereal, bright, and starry.
Evanthia is earthy, noble, and warm.
Im having such a hard time picking!
I think, every so slightly, I prefer Evanthia

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I just prefer the sound of Evanthia – graceful and elegant.

I love Evaluna (even though, up till now, I’d been saying ee-va-luna in my head)

Evaluna, because I love [name_f]Luna[/name_f] and Evaluna is so ethereal and makes me daydream. Evanthia is much stronger, but I do love the meaning.

Evaluna sounds and looks prettier to me :slight_smile:

Evaluna ist beautiful :heart_eyes:

Evaluna is gorgeous

Evaluna is a beautiful name imo!

It was super hard for me to choose! They are both super pretty and elegant names, and perfectly balance feeling unusual and timeless. In the end I went with Evaluna, just because the pronounciation is so intuitive which makes it more usable imo.