What do you think of the name Evanthia? What do you think of the combo Evanthia [name]Jordan[/name]?

[name]How[/name] is it pronounced? ev-[name]ANN[/name]-thee-ah, EV-an-thee-ah, evan-THEE-ah, etc?

I’m curious about pronunciation. Also, I’m sorry to say I am not a fan of Evanthia [name]Jordan[/name]. I feel like Evanthia needs a more feminine, flowery middle name. Maybe a classic would be good, to balance out Evanthia’s exoticness and unfamiliarity.

[name]Baby[/name] Name [name]Wizard[/name] lists Evanthia’s pronunciation as eh-VAHN-thee-a. Is that what you intended? I haven’t found any other listings.

P.S. It’s a pretty name to my ears, but I also agree that [name]Jordan[/name] doesn’t seem to “go” very well as a middle name.

My husband had one in class a few years ago. eh-van-THEE-a is how she said it.

I’ve been pronouncing it Ee-van-thee-uh.