Eve vs Cara

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Respondents: 31 (This poll is closed)

  • Cara Helen Matthews (car-a not care-a): 11 (35%)
  • Eve Lucinda Matthews: 20 (65%)

[name]Sidney[/name] and [name]Cara[/name] - Like it!

I love both names…but I think [name]Cara[/name] stands out here. [name]Cara[/name] [name]Helen[/name] sounds really nice. I think either way you can’t go wrong, though!

[name]Eve[/name], definitely. It’s much more classic and elegant, I think. [name]Cara[/name] seems much more like a term of endearment than a real name, and I also don’t find it very distinctive or substantial. It seems almost dated, at least in the US. And you’d probably get ‘care-a’ a lot more than the intended pronunciation. Anyway, I love [name]Eve[/name] [name]Lucinda[/name], especially with [name]Sidney[/name] and your last name! :slight_smile:

[name]Rachel[/name] you know that I love [name]Cara[/name] and the full name [name]Cara[/name] [name]Matthews[/name] so I hope that you choose this one, and of course I voted for [name]Cara[/name].

all the best,

rollo :slight_smile:

I think [name]Cara[/name] for sure… although i’m not too crazy about the middle name [name]Helen[/name].

Thankyou all for your votes and comments. irisrose we are in the UK and I have never heard anyone around here pronounce it as care-a (I didn’t even know it could be pronounced like that until joining this board!) so I think we’re safe with the pn. Oh, I still don’t know maybe we should wait until we meet her…

Thanks anyway! Anyone got anything else they feel they should point out that I’ve missed? [name]Rachel[/name] x