expecting my 4th boy

I’m currently pregnant with my 4th son. The problem is that most of the names that DH and I agree on, we’ve already used. We also have a bunch of names that we can’t use for one reason or another. I’m pretty open, I like all kinds of names but DH is pretty conservative. He also has all of a sudden decided that he doesn’t like any name that ends in the letter “N” because our last name starts with the “N” sound and he thinks they blend together. Now, both his name and DS #2’s end in “N” so I think I can sway him on that but I’m trying to come up with something we both like. So far we have [name]Samual[/name] and [name]Sawyer[/name] on the list but thats about it. I also have [name]Sebastian[/name] and [name]Quintin[/name]/[name]Quinlan[/name] on there but DH doesn’t know that yet…

Our current kids are [name]Kyle[/name] [name]Aaron[/name], [name]Jackson[/name] [name]Richard[/name] and [name]William[/name] [name]Henry[/name]. Any ideas?

[name]How[/name] about:

I just kind of threw some names out there. Best of luck with your name search and the rest of your pregnancy :slight_smile:

[name]Welcome[/name] to Nameberry and congrats on your fourth pregnancy! I like [name]Samuel[/name] and [name]Sebastian[/name] from your short list. Here are some more traditional name suggestions.

[name]Kyle[/name] [name]Aaron[/name], [name]Jackson[/name] [name]Richard[/name], [name]William[/name] [name]Henry[/name] and brother…


I think [name]Samuel[/name] works really well with your sibset.


[name]Quentin[/name] [name]Oliver[/name]
[name]Callum[/name] [name]Gabriel[/name]
[name]Byron[/name] [name]Dexter[/name]
[name]Blake[/name] [name]Maxwell[/name]
[name]Tristan[/name] [name]Alexander[/name]
[name]Christian[/name] [name]Gregory[/name]
[name]Damian[/name] [name]Parker[/name]
[name]Simeon[/name] [name]Walker[/name]
[name]Harry[/name] [name]Lucas[/name]
[name]Grayson[/name] [name]Isaiah[/name]

Thanks everyone :slight_smile: I have a couple new names to bring to DH. I really like [name]Thomas[/name], [name]Oliver[/name] and [name]Callum[/name] though I think [name]Callum[/name] is going to be to out there for DH. He is really looking for a name that doesn’t end in N which makes it hard cause so many cute names have that!

Gosh [name]Lori[/name]… 2 more boys!!! could you imagine! I told DH that I’m going to have to get a dog and change her name every week just to be able to use some girls names! I still can’t believe 4 kids and no girls!

[name]Kyle[/name], [name]Jackson[/name], [name]William[/name] and [name]Ethan[/name].

I like [name]Oliver[/name] best, I think–especially with your sibset. [name]Oliver[/name] [name]Thomas[/name] sounds very handsome to me, but many middle names tend to go with [name]Oliver[/name] well.

[name]Kyle[/name], [name]Jackson[/name], [name]William[/name] and [name]Finnian[/name] or [name]Kyle[/name], [name]Jackson[/name], [name]William[/name] and [name]Benjamin[/name].
I like [name]Quintin[/name] too!