Expecting TWIN boys in September!

***Some people may have read this as it was posted in the “Boy” name section too!"

My husband and I are expecting two handsome twin boys in [name_f]September[/name_f]. We had a couple of names picked out, but I’m not really feeling them and I’m not sure why. When we found out they were both boys, I told my husband I wasn’t feeling the names but he “LOVES” them. Then I had a shower and they did a guessing game where you guessed the names and nobody guessed the twin set, but both names were guessed…and that started to make me second guess the names again for whatever reason. The names we picked out are [name_u]Porter[/name_u] and [name_m]Cooper[/name_m]. [name_u]Porter[/name_u] being my Mom’s maiden name and [name_m]Cooper[/name_m] being my Mother-in-law’s maiden name. So, the boys would be [name_u]Porter[/name_u] Cutten and [name_m]Cooper[/name_m] Cutten. We also are also giving them family middle names. I think part of the issue for me is my cousin has a little boy named [name_u]Porter[/name_u]…and [name_m]Cooper[/name_m] isn’t super popular here but common enough that I know a couple other people who have sons named [name_m]Cooper[/name_m] (we’re in [name_f]Canada[/name_f]).

My husband pretty much hates every name, because he usually knows someone he didn’t like who has the same name. These names are “safe” since he doesn’t know any adult with either name.

Some other twin sets I proposed to him are (but we haven’t discussed in great details yet)…
[name_m]Austin[/name_m] and [name_u]Dylan[/name_u]
[name_m]Preston[/name_m] and [name_m]Callum[/name_m].

[name_m]Conrad[/name_m] has the potential if we can match it with something. If it was boy/girl twins the boy was going to be [name_m]Clark[/name_m] because it matched the girl name we picked out, I’ve always loved it (thinking [name_m]Clark[/name_m] [name_m]Gable[/name_m]) and my husband’s nickname is “Superman” because he looks like [name_m]Tom[/name_m] Welling (Superman from Smallville). I also [name_u]LOVE[/name_u] the name Devereux but my husband really doesn’t because it’s a bit ‘too unique’ for him, and that name has meaning because of the industry my husband works in.

I would appreciate…

  1. comments on our current set ([name_u]Porter[/name_u] & [name_m]Cooper[/name_m])
  2. comments on the ‘new’ ones I’m liking
  3. some suggestions for a new set. (somewhat traditional…nothing in the top 25 or avoiding the top 100 altogether)

Thanks in advance.

  1. I initially thought the two-syllables-ending-in-"-er" were a bit too matchy, but I appreciate the family connection, so the matchiness seems less important. I find the "t"s in [name_u]Porter[/name_u] and Cutten make the name feel a bit choppy, but most people likely wouldn’t notice or mind that. In the big picture, I like the set OK. I do like that they don’t end in the same sound as the surname.

  2. I [name_u]LOVE[/name_u] [name_m]Callum[/name_m], but I don’t like it very well with Cutten - the two have too much in common to me in terms of their appearances and sounds. I like [name_u]Dylan[/name_u] really well, but [name_u]Dylan[/name_u] Cutten sounds a bit choppy to me. [name_m]Austin[/name_m] Cutten and [name_m]Preston[/name_m] Cutten feel choppier still, since they have the same numbers of syllables and all end in “-ten”. If I were you (and you’re of course free to disagree, I mean no offense), I’d look for names that either have a different number of syllables than the surname and/or don’t end in “-en” or especially “-ten”.

  3. Some further suggestions, with the surname in mind:
    [name_m]Theodore[/name_m] Cutten
    [name_m]Andrew[/name_m] Cutten
    [name_m]Thomas[/name_m] Cutten
    [name_m]Nicholas[/name_m] Cutten
    [name_m]Oliver[/name_m] Cutten
    [name_m]Zachary[/name_m] Cutten
    [name_m]Leo[/name_m] Cutten
    [name_m]Jonah[/name_m] Cutten
    [name_m]Jeremy[/name_m] Cutten
    [name_u]Brady[/name_u] Cutten
    [name_u]Seth[/name_u] Cutten
    [name_m]Archer[/name_m] Cutten

Also I’d revisit [name_m]Clark[/name_m] if I were you, especially if you don’t plan to have any more children. I don’t love that the end of [name_m]Clark[/name_m] runs into the beginning of Cutten, but that’s the only possible nitpick I have about it, and that might well be outweighed by the sweet connection to your husband’s nickname.

I think it may be more difficult choosing because you’re thinking in “twin set” as opposed to just choosing your two favourite names first, and in all likelihood they will go well together because they will likely be the same style that you like and are drawn to. I would focus on names that sound nice with Cutten as they will be known as (First Name Cutten) and those are the most important to flow well [name_f]IMO[/name_f]. I think [name_u]Porter[/name_u] Cutten works but [name_m]Cooper[/name_m] Cutten is a bit of a tongue twister. I would love to see you use both of them because they are truly meaningful to you but would you consider using them in the middle spot? I agree with @oregano7 and would avoid the “en and ten” ending. I also think you should look at [name_m]Clark[/name_m] and thinking maybe [name_m]Clark[/name_m] [name_u]Porter[/name_u]. Other suggestions that go well with Cutten…

[name_m]Gable[/name_m] (not if you use [name_m]Clark[/name_m] though :))

I have been having so many issues coming up with names that I like and my husband likes that don’t end in “en” “on” or “an”. I’m very much drawn to those names for whatever reason. A name I have LOVED for years is [name_m]Callen[/name_m]…and we can’t do [name_m]Callen[/name_m] Cutten, that’s just ridiculous! I thought [name_m]Callum[/name_m] may work, but wasn’t 100% sold on it either. I’m wondering if I need to find another name that matches [name_m]Clark[/name_m]. We both like [name_m]Conrad[/name_m], but I don’t like it when twins start with the same first letter. Two makes it so much harder! Thanks for all your suggestions and feedback.

Thanks for the suggestions. [name_u]Everett[/name_u] is super cute. [name_m]Clark[/name_m] and [name_u]Everett[/name_u] may work. [name_m]Alistair[/name_m] is growing on me, but I knew a boy named [name_m]Alistair[/name_m] and everyone called him [name_u]Ali[/name_u]…such a hard choice. Thanks for you suggestions!

Some other suggestions for you :slight_smile:

[name_m]Angus[/name_m] Cutten
[name_u]Tyler[/name_u]/[name_u]Taylor[/name_u] Cutten
[name_m]Tobias[/name_m] ([name_u]Toby[/name_u]?) Cutten
[name_m]Maxwell[/name_m] Cutten
[name_m]Joel[/name_m] Cutten
[name_u]Riley[/name_u] Cutten
[name_m]Hamish[/name_m] Cutten
[name_u]Cameron[/name_u] Cutten (This one does end in the -on sound, but I thought it sounded okay with your surname?)
[name_m]Samuel[/name_m] Cutten
[name_m]Brodie[/name_m] Cutten
[name_m]Christopher[/name_m] Cutten

Thanks for the suggestions. A few people have mentioned [name_u]Toby[/name_u] to me. I really like that name unfortunately my husband’s dog growing up was [name_u]Toby[/name_u] (which, in my opinion, is not a dogs name! lol!). That definitely would have worked though. Cutten is just such a hard last name to pair with boys names for whatever reason.

I really like the name [name_m]Conrad[/name_m]. I was hoping to avoid the whole “both names start with…” and if we were scrapping the maiden names idea and going with different ones we’d probably go with [name_m]Clark[/name_m] and… [name_m]Conrad[/name_m]? Are they too matchy matchy? I like both names.