Experienced moms

Kids a bit (or a lot) older? Talk about your experiences with other experienced moms.

[name]Do[/name] you really want a grandmother to opt in now?

Well here I am. What can I say except fall in love with your child, be their best advocate in life, teach them the highest values.

Be gentle but firm with discipline. Always be their parent versus a friend, it gives them security.

[name]Set[/name] boundaries, and when they are old enough let them go and God willing they will return to you not only as a son or daughter but as a friend.

Teach them love by your loving example.

God Bless

My son is already 24 and has his own apartment and roommate. My daughter is graduating from high school and will be going far, far away to college in the fall. Then my husband will be empty-nesters. All we will have left is the kitty and each other. It’s amazing, but I’m actually kind of excited! No more shoes left everywhere, no more dirty pans on the stove and a dirty bowl on the coffee table.
You might say, well, why didn’t you train her to pick up after herself? I did train her many times, but you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. Our daughter does cook amazing food for us sometimes, and she also goes to the grocery store on occasion. She shops for food for our household when she goes. And, gasp! she changes the sheets on her bed once in a while! She washes her personal laundry, too.
She gives me tips on my hair. Sometimes she gives me unwanted tips on how I look.
It will be great when she comes home from college for fall break. Then we will all have really missed each other and we’ll have a great time.
When my son comes over, he hugs me and he tells me that he loves me. He says, “Give me some sugar!” in this really odd Southern accent before he hugs me. He paid for all of us to go out to dinner the other night. For no special reason, he gave me a lovely present - a Chagall-illustrated little bible.
It’s worth having kids - they are amazing. But when daughters are going through their I am tired of Mom stage, it isn’t easy. And when sons get in bike accidents and total their car on the freeway, that isn’t easy either. Kitties, on the other hand, are easy, but they just lie on the bed.

100 accuracy may be a bit too much to shoot for, no matter what your speed. :