Ezri or Isabel

Ok, I am down to the last few weeks and I need a girl name. The only two names the hubby and I are agreed on are these two. The middle name will be [name]Frances[/name]. We already have a daughter named [name]Tovah[/name].
I really like the name [name]Ezri[/name] and would pronounce it ez-ree. We would call [name]Isabel[/name] “[name]Izzy[/name]” but I am not sure if it matches too well with [name]Tovah[/name]…as it is more common and not Hebrew.
Any ideas/honest opinions?

[name]Isabel[/name] [name]Frances[/name] or
[name]Ezri[/name] [name]Frances[/name]

[name]Hi[/name] there! While I prefer [name]Isabel[/name] over [name]Ezri[/name], I think [name]Tovah[/name]'s sibling really needs a Hebrew or exotic name like [name]Ezri[/name], the feminine form of [name]Ezra[/name]. I think [name]Ezri[/name] and [name]Tovah[/name] would make a lovely sibling pair. I remember you had a thread going a while ago, and while I’m sorry none of those suggestions worked out for you and your husband, I’m really glad you’ve found [name]Ezri[/name]! :slight_smile:

Best wishes to you!

Yes, we just found out a few weeks ago that it was girl, so now its easier to narrow it down. Thanks for your input. While I prefer [name]Ezri[/name] with [name]Tovah[/name], I don’t want it to be too “out there” or hard to explain.

I think [name]Ezri[/name] is darling and you could call her Ezzy if you wanted. Although [name]Isabel[/name] is a pretty name, [name]Isabel[/name] and [name]Tovah[/name] do not go together, as between [name]Isabel[/name], [name]Isabelle[/name], and [name]Isabella[/name] I think the name probably ends up about number 1 right in popularity. You gave one daughter a unique striking name, don’t back down now!

I think [name]Ezri[/name] is right in line with [name]Tovah[/name], and don’t think it’s too out there or difficult to explain. I can’t find your old list, but in case you’re still iffy on [name]Ezri[/name], some other ideas that may not have been mentioned are:


[name]Hi[/name] again! I was just thinking that if you’re worried about [name]Ezri[/name], you could always go with [name]Esme[/name] (ez-[name]MAY[/name]). Granted, [name]Esme[/name] is French, not Hebrew, but it has a lovely meaning (loved one), and has [name]Tovah[/name]'s exotic appeal. I thought I’d mention it!

Thanks. We do like [name]Talia[/name] and [name]Esme[/name] is a great suggestion as well. Maybe we’ll have to look at her when she comes out and decide!
[name]Ezri[/name] is one I haven’t heard much and am not sure if people might say Ez-rye instead.

I was going to say [name]Talia[/name] or [name]Tali[/name] went nicely with [name]Tovah[/name], and I think [name]Esme[/name] works wonderfully as well. [name]Ezri[/name] is awesome, but I feel like it’s more complicated once paired with [name]Tovah[/name]. Maybe something to do with a “v” and and “z” so close together. [name]Tali[/name] and [name]Tovah[/name], [name]Tovah[/name] and [name]Tali[/name] rolls right off the tongue…

I agree with everyone that [name]Ezri[/name] is a better fit. I also went to the nameberry supersearch and plugged in girl, Hebrew, unusual and got a varied but not unmanageable list of choices – give it a try.

I like [name]Ezri[/name] with [name]Tovah[/name] :slight_smile:

I would guess that by now you have had your darling and already chose then name. :slight_smile: I came across your post while trying to help [name]SIL[/name] research names for her first that is due soon.

I am partial to [name]Ezri[/name]. This is the name of my 9 year old daughter. If you love the name, go for it. Here are the problems we have had with it (but I wouldn’t have chosen any other name for her). 1. You will always spell it. Here is how [name]Ezri[/name] introduces herself. “My name is [name]Ezri[/name]. E-Z-R-I.” She does it so fast now that she generally has to spell it at least twice. 2. People tend to call her EzUHree instead of Ez ree. A few times she has been called [name]Ezra[/name].

We have a lot of people ask how we came up with the name, but we do get lots of complements on it as well.

I think [name]Ezri[/name] is great with [name]Tovah[/name] and if it helps at all, I’ve never seen the name before, but I guessed the pronunciation correctly. [name]Ezri[/name] [name]Frances[/name] sounds lovely.

I really prefer [name]Isabel[/name] over [name]Ezri[/name]. I don’t think you should worry so much about sibling names sounding “matchy” or compatible. The girls will be sisters regardless. It’s more important to think about which name a child, in this day in age, would prefer to be named. I think she would feel much more comfortable being an [name]Isabel[/name]. It is beautiful and yet familiar to most in society. [name]Isabel[/name] will carry her well through life and will make a stunning adult name for a grown woman. Besides “[name]Belle[/name]” is a lovely nickname. What princess wouldn’t wan to be “[name]Belle[/name]”? [name]Belle[/name] means beautiful and can be connected with the Disney princess [name]Belle[/name]. [name]Isabel[/name] also has an exquisite meaning…“Pledged to God”.

[name]Hi[/name] there!

I’d never seen either [name]Tovah[/name] or [name]Ezri[/name] before your post but think they are gorgeous names and go so well together. [name]Isabel[/name] is one of my favourite names but its become sooooo popular :frowning: and I think [name]Ezri[/name] is much more suited to [name]Tovah[/name]. [name]Both[/name] strong and unique - a great start for a little girl.