Face Claims?

I have absolutely no artistic talent, so I’ve been trying to find face claims for my characters to help me visualize their faces, but I’m having a hard time finding a good source!

What are your favorite websites you use to find them? I don’t mind watermarks or anything, and they’re just for my personal use, so I think that opens more options, because I’m not planning on using them for anything?


Artbreeder? You can make portraits yourself

Picrew works well

This Person Does Not Exist is fun, but it can take a while to get a face you like.

@taisia1 Wow, artbreeder is so cool! Thank you!

@Cate_Juhl I do really like Picrew, but I want to find one picture for each of my main characters that isn’t cartoony. Thanks for the suggestion though, it’s a great website!

@jjayx Thank you for the suggestion! I’ll definitely take a look at that!

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I don’t know if you’re going for super realistic or just a way to get an idea of what your character looks like but I have two websites for the latter:

  1. charactercreator.org
    You can customize a full-body model of your character with set options (all sorts of clothing and their physical appearance). There aren’t a ton of options, so some of the clothes I picked for some of mine were a stretch to make it work. But it’s still a great way to at least nail down a basic idea of what they should look like. Here’s one I made:

  2. readyplayer.me
    I just found this one so I’m still checking it out but you can make a 3d avatar model, either as a head and shoulders or a full body one. Again it’s all preset options for looks and clothes but they have a much bigger variety than charactercreator. It seems to be pretty easy to use, and you can turn the model around while you’re working on it. This is the one I just made:
    character 2

[name_f]Hope[/name_f] that helps! :slight_smile:

pinterest!! I have a whole board with 3-10 pics (instagram pictures, random pics, drawings, etc.) for each of my characters!! i take hours searching for the perfect ones :joy:

@thatonewriter Thank you! Those are so cool!

@EJpuddlejumper I used to use Pinterest, but I don’t have it anymore. Thanks for the suggestion anyway! It’s a great site.