False Gender Determinations?

I’ve never decided to learn the genders before. With the baby due on the 24th, I’m getting anxious about whether or not we can be certain it is a boy!

Has an ultrasound ever incorrectly predicted the gender of your baby? Anyone else ever have this fear?


I’ve never heard of anyone getting it wrong with modern ultrasounds! There’s more room for error if they say girl than boy though I think. :slight_smile:

I’ve known 2 people whose gender they ‘got wrong’ at the ultrasound. But in both of those cases the ultrasound tech told them they couldn’t get a clear shot so they couldn’t be sure, which has been my experience. At my ultrasounds, if the tech was ever unsure they would tell me what they thought it was but that it wasn’t clear and they would try again.

I have no children yet and will not be finding out the genders before they’re born when I do, but I’ve known multiple people who’s scans were read incorrectly so they went their entire pregnancy thinking it was a boy, but turned out to be a girl (or vice versa). But majority of people I know who found out gender beforehand were told correctly.

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I have a friend who was told it was a bit and then their daughter was born. But that’s the only personal instance I know if somId say it’s likely more accurate then not.

I do personally know a couple of people this happened to but I don’t think it is common at all.

I didn’t have this fear. For medical reasons, we had bloodwork done early on. [name_u]An[/name_u] added benefit was finding out the sex which was confirmed at the anatomy scan later on.

It isn’t common, but it’s also not unheard of. With my two oldest sons it was correct, and with the twins we found out through a blood test.

But it happened to my mother when she was pregnant with my twin brother and me. The obgyn told her she was having two boys, and only when I was born she found out I was in fact a girl :sweat_smile: That’s over 30 years ago though.

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my friend was supposed to be a boy but came out a girl, but that’s the only instance i know of and i’m sure ultrasound technology has improved since then.

I don’t have any personal stories of people I know having ultrasound predicted incorrectly however when I had my ultrasound the sonographer would only say they were 95% certain the baby was a girl because their is a small chance of them being incorrect. My sonographer actually said there was a lady who was told she was having a girl ended up with a boy and was very upset which is why the hospital never 100% confirmed gender of your baby. Still this was one case so really I’m certain that with modern ultrasounds they will be correct for you just like they were for me.

On another note have you done the nub theory? It’s sort of an old wives tale but was 100% accurate for me at my 12 week scan I submitted my scans to the nub whisperer and they said she was a girl and indeed I did have a girl.

Good luck with it all & congratulations!

No, but that’s interesting!

I only know of my brother in law’s girlfriend in Mexico who had twins almost 4 years ago. They were told both babies were boys, but found out after they were born that one was a girl.

A family member was told boy. Bought all blue everything, had a name picked, then out popped a girl. I have no idea how they got it so wrong! It’s so much harder to mix up than the other way round!

This didn’t happen to me but someone on Youtube. Her name is [name_f]Yasmyn[/name_f] Switzer. She is currently expecting her third baby. She currently has two little girls. She got pregnant and decided to do an early blood gender predication test. The result she got back was a boy. She did a gender revel an told all her friends an family. Then her doctor told her it was a girl. She was so confused and went to another place an got a second ultrasound an they told her they couldn’t tell. She took another blood test an it came back a girl. She hasn’t given birth yet so she is sticking with the answer girl. She was so upset an is suffering from gender disappointment. So I think it was more of a blood test thing. I don’t think you’ll have to worry about the ultrasound.

[name_u]Seven[/name_u] kids, soon to be eight- What is that like?

Very hectic! [name_f]My[/name_f] husband’s mother lives with us to help, and I couldn’t imagine doing it ourselves.

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Well, I’ve heard of it happen in the news, but someone I know was told she was 100% having a boy, but she told the doctors that she KNEW she was having a girl. She ended up having a girl.