Falyn for a boy?

Is [name]Falyn[/name] ok for a boy’s name?

Sorry, too feminine. Plus it sounds like “failing” which is not something I would want personally.

Is it supposed to be pronounced “[name]Fallon[/name]”? If so I’d spell it that way–because otherwise it does sound like ‘failing’ (obviously no good!) or ‘[name]Fae[/name]-lyn’, which does have a feminine sound to my ear…

If it’s [name]Fallon[/name], I don’t have strong feelings either way. It’s not my style, but I tend to go for classic standbys for boys. It’s certainly not a name I think would inspire strong feelings in most people. If it has personal significance to you, no real reason I can think of NOT to choose it.

Thanks for the input… I was torn on if it sounded to feminine

[name]Fallon[/name] is a girl’s name. [name]Falyn[/name] is a girly version of a girl’s name.

[name]Fallon[/name] actually started off as a boys name, although the girls have taken it over. [name]Falyn[/name] is way to fem and trendy.

It looks girly.