Family Tree Finds

I’ve recently been going about trying to piece together my extremely large, and not entirely uncomplicated family tree, and have found some wonderful names amongst the throng.

[name]Phillip[/name] I have always known to be a very old family name, my brother, father and great grandfather are all named “[name]Phillip[/name] [name]Louis[/name] Mcxxxxxx” and although my great grandfather seems to have the first sign of [name]Louis[/name] in the middle, [name]Phillip[/name] goes back much further than expected! The earliest I found was a birth record from 1819 for Phillippus Mcxxxxxx. Really, “Phillippus” sounds almost made up!

There seems to have been a great love of latin names in the mid 19th century, I have found not one but two “[name]Jacobo[/name]” s signed as witnesses to the same marriage, as well as Jacobus, Jacobum (titter tee hee), [name]Joannes[/name] (male), Francisscus, and an odd and slightly hard to say twist on [name]Elizabeth[/name] “Eliztha”, though I suspect it may have been a clerical error.

Some of my favorite finds (though not necessarily names I would chose, just names that stood out from the rest of the typically Irish names) include

[name]Myron[/name] (1944)
[name]Lily[/name] (1860)
[name]Elora[/name] (1842)
[name]Marcella[/name] (1930)
Eliseth (1850)
[name]Patricius[/name] & [name]Eleonora[/name] (1946) some classy twin naming right there
[name]Brigitta[/name] (1861) not exactly different, but an attempt at it, an early go at yooneekness?
Margaritam (1861) she married Jacobum
Annam (1864)
Gulielmus (1843) the first non irish person, sadly was not actually a blood relation, so there is still no explaining why I want to learn Dutch
[name]Elma[/name] (1863)

Thank you, berries for allowing me to pour my finding out to you, none of my family are even remotely interested, not even about the newspaper clipping telling the story of my great-great grandfather’s conviction for stealing a pair of shoes which he “claims to have forgotten in his haste to reach his burning residence”.

PS, let me know any good names, or generally anything slightly related to your own family history
Thanks :slight_smile:

PPS It seems that all of the crazy latin names stopped very suddenly in 1866 :frowning: from there it went [name]John[/name], [name]Mary[/name] [name]John[/name], [name]Mary[/name]

Genealogy is so fascinating. I’m sad to hear that no one in your family is interested. I can’t imagine not wanting to know about the people I came from. [name]Even[/name] my seven-year-old cousin is interested in the family history.

I love the Latin names. I’m wondering if it was a Catholic thing? I’m not positive on this, but I think I remember reading somewhere that while babies were baptized with Latin names they often went by the “English” version. So Phillippus likely went by [name]Phillip[/name] and Jacobus likely went by [name]Jacob[/name], etc.

I just posted a thread about what I found today. I’m also doing a Very extended Family Tree, and today stumbled across the most interesting sibset that I’ve found so far. On the list, [name]James[/name] [name]Buchanan[/name] is my Great-Great Grandfather. It’s such a mix of common and uncommon names. I’ve found other gems along the way, but not this many in the same set. The last name for all is [name]Walker[/name].

[name]Burrell[/name] W.
Mercena F.
Chrispianos Anos (Anos could be an error, his grandfather’s mn was [name]Amos[/name])
[name]Thompson[/name] L.
[name]Council[/name] [name]Keaton[/name]
[name]Amanda[/name] J.
[name]Gaston[/name] [name]Prince[/name]
[name]Ira[/name] W.
[name]James[/name] [name]Buchanan[/name]
[name]Charles[/name] [name]William[/name] [name]Jasper[/name]

From this list, Charles William Jasper married Ardelia (close to our soon-to-be Cordelia) Taylor. And they had the following:

Jasper Pierce Walker
McGinnus Kernsey Walker
Ollie Triphosia Walker
Granville Toley Walker
Raleigh Emery Walker
Sadie Ardelia Walker
Armanis Otto Walker
Selina Vienna Walker
Alma Walker
Mathew McGuffin Walker
Silva C Walker
Ward Walker
Oma Walker

And, Ira W. married Lioria C Kinzer. They had:

Vorice Walker
Willis Edward Walker
Conrad Barger Walker
Verda V Walker
Vollina Walker
Volina Cardinal Walker
Versa Vergetta Walker
Viva G Walker
Virinza Voris Walker.

Makes me feel better about our three “C” names! Wonder how Willis and Conrad felt, if they felt left out or were thankful? How about Vollina and Volina as sibling names? Thankfully they were at least born in different years and weren’t twins.

I have to say that I’m very impressed with some of the names in this particular branch of the Tree! While I Love the names that we’ve picked for our kids, I have to say I wish I’d have done this research Years ago. We might have had some Very different names.

I really love [name]Elma[/name]. Sadly, it can’t be used because of the (lovable) [name]Elmo[/name].

No one in my family has really had time to trace back our history, but we do know a lot from word of mouth. My 11-year-old cousin is particularity interested, and I keep telling myself that one day I will get everything together for her.

Those are some impressive sibsets!

The best one I found wasn’t even remotely as interesting!
and my two favourites the babies of that family
[name]Eliza[/name]-[name]Jane[/name] and [name]Emily[/name]-[name]Agnes[/name], though I don’t doubt they called by only the first name, but I love the combinations, and they were both hyphenated so…

About the latinized names, that could be very likely, I’m from a Catholic background, and there is evidence of one [name]Phillip[/name] becoming a [name]Priest[/name], and of his younger brother [name]Patrick[/name] following suit but giving it up for a girl.

Burrell W.
Mercena F.
Chrispianos Anos (Anos could be an error, his grandfather’s mn was Amos)
Thompson L.
Council Keaton
Amanda J.
Gaston Prince
Ira W.
James Buchanan
Charles William Jasper

Wow! that is soome seriously creative naming! What time period is that from? [name]Council[/name] strikes me as the oddest, especially with brothers called [name]James[/name] and [name]Charles[/name]!

I know! When I first came across it, I thought maybe his fn was [name]Keaton[/name] and he was a Councilman. But it’s a name through the family. He was named for his uncle and a few other cousins got it too. Seems like the Anos could be correct. There is both [name]Amos[/name] and Anos mixed in a few places along the lines.

The youngest was Emazella [name]Walker[/name], born in 1836. And, the eldest was [name]Charles[/name] [name]William[/name] [name]Jasper[/name] [name]Walker[/name], born in 1859.

Just found that Mercena married Henderson French Dillon and they had:
Anzila Dillon
Luly Dillon
Donnie Dillon
Ephraim Dillon
Angie Lee Dillon
Jerusha Borkers Dillon
Freeland Huysen Dillon
Lurissie Dillon

Seriously? Jersusha Borkers? Just found out this was a female name! She married twice and had 9 children.

My recent geneology works lead me to the name [name]Ora[/name]. I swear I never stumbled upon it before then… at first I thought it was a silly name, and then it is starting to grow on me for a middle spot. Yay for family tree investigations!