Favorite colors!

Say what you think the above user’s favorite color is! Start with me.

[name_u]Indigo[/name_u] or a coral maybe?

ETA: Yes my favorite color is baby blue! :grin:

Baby blue?

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@leafygreens - Is it a cop out if I say a fun, bright green? :sweat_smile:

@ethelmary - like a deep burgundy / wine colour?

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Pinks and purples, I guess? I could also see you being into a tangerine orange.

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It’s definitely pink :stuck_out_tongue: I do love purple and bright orange too!!

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Crow colored?

Nah :joy: your right about the green, but I like more emerald/dark greens

@Harvest-Endellion Maybe a peach color?

Love peach! Kind of the color of my face, peach-too pink.

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@leafygreens I think a navy blue.

Purple, a neon-y purple

A regal burgundy.

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honey yellow !

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Navy blue or forest green

An ambery color? And also forest green.

light pink!

Polly [name_f]Pink[/name_f]

The colour of fields when the sun goes down


Sky blue!