Favorite names and name lists/similar names bug

i don’t normally go out of my way to make posts about problems i find on sites i frequent, but ive been using nameberry to track my favorite names for a long time and i feel like this particular problem is a little too big for me to ignore.

so, i have all my names split into different alphabetical lists just to keep everything as organized as possible, but i also like to favorite all my names too just so i have them in the sites database in case i somehow mess up a list. before the big site update, my system was i would favorite a name and then i added it to my list using the dropdown menu each name page used to have, then i would look at the similar names to see if i could find anything else and use the heart to indicate which names i already had in a list. since the update, names that i have favorited no longer show as favorited on name lists or the similar names page. on the entry page for a name, the 20 similar names do show all the names on there that i have favorited, but when i click on the “see more names” link, the 49 names all show up as empty hearts, including ones i know ive favorited, and when i click on those names to go to the name entry, the heart fills in fine. i recently revamped my entire names list using the same system i used before the update, and it was a little difficult to look at all the similar names and remember which ones i already had on a list without clicking on each individual one. now that the dropdown menu to easily add names to a list is gone, theres a bigger risk for user input error when adding them, so having the hearts filled in on lists would be helpful to see if i made a typo or somehow added a name i haven’t favorited yet.

i initially was going to wait it out and see if it would get resolved if i gave it time, but i ended up going a few months without using nameberry and it’s still there, and i went a little bit through this forum to see if anybody has mentioned it but i haven’t seen anything recently. i think this site is so cool and helpful for organizing names but this bug really added to the time it took to finish revamping, so i would be super thankful if this could get fixed soon!!

Thanks for drawing our attention to this, @cosmeica! I’m sorry it’s causing problems for you.

You should still be able to see a longlist of all your favourited names in your account, here:


But I understand that this isn’t the most convenient solution for what you’re using this feature for.

I’ll look into it myself today and send a report to the tech team to see if this can be addressed.

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