Favorite of these pairs!

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Respondents: 28 (This poll is closed)

  • Nathaniel Finn: 7 (25%)
  • Asher Monroe: 5 (18%)
  • Asher Nathaniel: 3 (11%)
  • Jude Alexander: 13 (46%)

PS: Our choice for our girl’s name is [name]Liliana[/name] [name]Quinn[/name].

I [name]ADORE[/name] [name]Jude[/name] [name]Alexander[/name]!

I voted for [name]Nathaniel[/name] [name]Finn[/name] because I think it just flows a little better when you’re saying it.

[name]Jude[/name] [name]Alexander[/name], hands down !! Great name, very handsome.

Sooooo in love with [name]Asher[/name] [name]Monroe[/name]!

I may consider stealing it someday :wink:

:slight_smile: well steal away! The hubby said [name]Jude[/name] is really growing on him. I think I can thank all of you for that. And his friends who felt like talking about baby names…that one caught me off gaurd.

I love the way [name]Nathaniel[/name] [name]Finn[/name] flows together! [name]Jude[/name] [name]Alexander[/name] works well too and is my second choice!

I love [name]Alexander[/name]…
But i [name]ADORE[/name] jude! (yes, beatle fan… even though im 21 lol)
This is my fave convo personally.
It makes me think of healthy seasons colours- red, green, yellow…
Nice choices x
[name]Bianca[/name] xx