Favorite Prenatals?

Does anyone have a prenatal vitamin brand they love? I’m not pregnant yet, but I’ve been bouncing between different brands for a few months while we ttc and I don’t love them thus far. I remember having a similar experience when I was pregnant with my DD, so I was curious what else was out there.

I had really bad morning sickness with DD so I’m bracing for a similar experience with pregnancy #2. I’ve only taken gummies, and in my experience the lemon flavors are not very agreeable. I’d be open to a pill instead, but I don’t really know which is “best”.

Obviously having a prenatal that does the job right is more important than taste, but it’d be nice if I could still find one that isn’t too rough on the stomach. :upside_down_face:

I found pregnacare products really good. With this pregnancy I had terrible sickness didn’t find anything that worked to ease the sickness unfortunately but pregnacare has been good for iron levels and my skin etc.

Good luck with TTC

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I had to experiment with a few with past pregnancies. It seems I don’t handle ones that contain [name_m]Iron[/name_m] in them well… so for me it’s VitaFusion. And 2 out of 3 pregnancies I’ve been put on an additional slow release iron pill to take with it.

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How/when do you take them?

I was horribly sick every time I took my pregnancy vitamins for the first few weeks of my first pregnancy. I was taking them first thing in the morning so I didn’t forget. But the empty stomach + vitamins combo was not a good one for me! I ended up taking them with my biggest meal of the day and it was so much better. You probably already know all this but just in case! I wish someone had told me sooner :nauseated_face:

I have always just gone with the own-brand vitamins from the supermarket or drugstore. The contents are virtually identical, and they are so much cheaper than branded products and often on offer too.


Mine are pills recommended by my midwives, Garden of Life Vitamin Code RAW prenatals. I buy them online. They’re spendy, but I feel good about the contents, so I go a bit cheaper on additional supplements like my vitamin C.

They contain a “prenatal digestive blend” that’s supposed to help with nausea, and supposedly they can be taken with or without food. You take one three times a day, so I take them after I eat. Never had a problem with feeling sick, but I don’t know if that’s just luck or the awesome vitamins :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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@tori101 I’ll check them out! Thank you!

@Alix2016 that’s interesting about the iron, but I could see how that could be hard on the stomach. I think I’ve seen the VitaFusion ones and don’t remember if I tried those or not so I’ll check those out!

@katinka I don’t remember for sure but I think with my first pregnancy I had taken them right away initially and then got smart and started waiting until after breakfast. I definitely remember vitamins+ empty stomach being a bad combo, and I usually threw up at least once in the morning :nauseated_face:.

@auroradawn I’ll definitely look into that! I’m 100% willing to pay more if it means less nausea. I kind of like the idea of spacing them out too. Seems like it’d it would be easier on the stomach.


I was using Elevit, but my doctor recommended to just take Maltofer iron tablets and Blackmore’s i-folic (iodine and flick acid) with my regular multi vitamin instead. It works out to about a third of the cost each month, and has no side effects (for me at least, although Maltofer is known for being a side effect free iron supplement).

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The only ones I’ve been able to keep down are the spring valley gummy Prenatals. The biggest downside to them is they don’t contain iron or the omega3 (though I can’t handle omega3 in my prenatals it makes me gag) so I also eat munchkin milk makers prenatal iron supplement chocolate chip cookies

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I took the MegaFood [name_u]Baby[/name_u] & Me vitamins, along with folic acid and loved them. I never had any issues with feeling nauseous after taking them.

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I take Garden of Life organic gummy prenatals and really like them. They have a really nice berry flavor. They give me just a touch of heartburn, but it’s not bad. Pretty much everything gives me heartburn at this point. lol I’ve never experienced any nausea with them, even when taken on an empty stomach.

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I’ve started taking Naturobest. They’re an Australian company but are sold internationally. I have no problems taking them, and I’ve had all sorts of weird reactions to vitamin and mineral supplements over the years. They’re $$ but worth it in my opinion as they use high quality ingredients and are formulated by a naturopath. There’s a preconception blend, then a special 1st trimester blend that addresses morning sickness etc. There’s also a 2nd/3rd trimester and breastfeeding blend but it’s identical to the preconception one.

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