Feedback on a Rare Name: Aubine

[name]Hi[/name]! I am searching for a name for my daughter. I want something uncommon, but I want to avoid saddling her with a name that will strike people as odd or cause spelling and pronunciation issues. I have come across the name [name]Aubine[/name] on several occasions, but do not know anyone who is familiar with the name. Perhaps is it too “out there” … Nonetheless, I still really like it and would love your feedback on:

(1) how you would pronounce this name
(2) whether you think people will struggle to spell it phonetically
(3) general impressions (pretty? strong? odd? ugly?)

Thank you so much in advance!!

I’d pronounce it Aww-been (The Aww like at the beginning of [name]Audrey[/name] or [name]Aubrey[/name]).
I don’t think if people are certain of her name that you’d have spelling issues but I do think there may be a few issues with people mistaking [name]Aubine[/name] for [name]Aubrey[/name]/[name]Aubree[/name] etc.
I like this name! I’ve never heard it before but I’ve automatically taken a shine to it. I think it’s very strong but also feminine :slight_smile: Good choice.

Hello… I’d also pronounce it Aww-bean.
I’ve never heard of this name before, I don’t dislike it but I don’t love it either. I agree it could often be mistaken for the popular [name]Aubrey[/name]/[name]Aubree[/name].

I have a child with a very uncommon name - and there are always going to be some spelling and pronunciation issues - but if you really love the name, ultimately it won’t bother you too much!

I just wanted to suggest [name]Sabine[/name] - I think it feels more elegant and flows nicely of the tongue.

x abelle :slight_smile:

Thanks to you both!
[name]Abelle[/name], I really like to sound and feel of [name]Sabine[/name], but can’t get past the very unfortunate historical connotation (the [name]Roman[/name] “rape of the [name]Sabine[/name] women”).

And I agree, my biggest hesitation is the similarity to [name]Aubrey[/name], which I don’t love.

b how you would pronounce this name[/b] I would assume the pronunciation is Aw-bean

b whether you think people will struggle to spell it phonetically[/b] I’m not 100% sure I even have the pronunciation right but either way there will always be mistakes. You might be surprised how many times people get my name wrong ([name]Chelsea[/name]) and call me Chel-see-uh.

(3) general impressions (pretty? strong? odd? ugly?)- I like it, it’s perfectly unusual and I think it does sound very pretty and feminine.

I’m putting the stress on the second syllable: aw- BEEN. I don’t know if that’s correct, but it makes it sound a bit French to me, and also makes it stand out from [name]Audry[/name], which has the stress on the first syllable: AW- dry.

I like it. If I’m pronouncing it correctly, it sounds similar enough to [name]Audry[/name] to make it seem familiar, but it sounds different enough to clearly be a different name.

I really like [name]Aubine[/name]. I’ve never heard it before but it’s very pretty.
(but I won’t steal it don’t worry :wink:

I would say oh-been (French) but it sounds too much like aubergine, which is an eggplant. [name]Sabrina[/name] is nicer if you don’t like [name]Sabine[/name] and has more positive connotations.

I would say O-bean. People would probably need it spelled to them. I think it is pretty, but it almost sounds more like a word than a name.

Use it! :slight_smile: I think a few dozen little Aubines worldwide would be pretty great.