Feedback on the name Hugo?

My son and DIL are expecting their third little boy in [name]April[/name]. They like the name [name]Hugo[/name], but have concerns about how the name may be perceived and what associations others may have with it. [name]Do[/name] you know a [name]Hugo[/name] – of any age? Are there any famous men you associate the name with? What is your impression of the name?

[name]Hugo[/name] [name]Boss[/name]…makes amazing quality clothes for men! Best suits out there! …I think that’s a pretty good correlation :slight_smile:

[name]Victor[/name] [name]Hugo[/name]… French poet from 19th cent.

My grandmother’s sister was married to a [name]Hugo[/name]. My great uncle [name]Hugo[/name] was a nice man, but I really did not care for his name. I think [name]Hugo[/name] was a rare name even in his generation. Recently, I was floored to learn the name has been revived and is gaining popularity. I think my great uncle would have been pleased and surprised to know that. I have worked hard on trying to understand the modern appeal, and in doing so, the name has grown on me a bit. It certainly is a distinctive and masculine name.

[name]Victor[/name] [name]Hugo[/name] wrote [name]Les[/name] mis and the hunchback of Notre Dame.

As a first name it sounds a bit dated, but that’s a good thing these days!

I like [name]Hugo[/name] and it reminds me of the character on the Vicar of Dibly who is a silly and a little dumb but lovable. [name]Hugo[/name] also seems a little pretentious to me, it seems to be quite popular with upper-class British parents at the moment. But yeah, I am quite fond of it despite these associations.

[name]Hi[/name]! I really like [name]Hugo[/name]! I don’t know of any Hugos, but when I think of the name, I picture an intelligent, handsome, athletic boy or man. It feels sophisticated to me, like [name]Felix[/name], [name]Raphael[/name], [name]Bryon[/name], [name]Calvin[/name], [name]Dashiell[/name], [name]Sebastian[/name], etc. The famous [name]Hugo[/name] I think of is [name]Victor[/name] [name]Hugo[/name].

If they’re unsure about [name]Hugo[/name], they may also like [name]Leo[/name], [name]Milo[/name], or [name]Arlo[/name].

Good luck! :slight_smile: