I’m come across Fehir as a last name quite a couple of times while frequenting a friend’s Facebook timeline. After conducting some research, it’s seems the name is pronounced “[name]FAY[/name]-er” (like [name]Thayer[/name], with an F). I have no idea as to what it means though, or where it comes from. Regardless of which, I am loving it, and wouldn’t mind using it as a middle name for one of my twins.

What do you berries think of this name? Any ideas on it’s origin and meaning?

Although I agree that it looks/sounds interesting, I’m afraid most people will only hear the word ‘failure’ :frowning:

I couldn’t fine anything about this name, but I don’t really like it that much, sorry. I hear Failure and I also hear the girl name [name]Faye[/name] in there.