Feliks or Felix

[name]Felix[/name]; traditional spelling; wont confuse

[name]Feliks[/name]; european spelling, we are both european, and go to back home to europe every year. i like different spellings, but want peoples honest opinions.

I like [name]Felix[/name] better

Definitely [name]Felix[/name]. [name]Feliks[/name] makes me think ‘[name]Fee[/name]-licks’, like little [name]Feliks[/name] would go around licking stuff. Also, I love legitimate excuses to use odd letters like x, z, etc. [name]Felix[/name] is the perfect excuse.

LOL feeelicks yes i know! i love feliks. but think it looks like ‘licks’ as you say… thanks!

[name]Felix[/name]. No contest.

so [name]Felix[/name]… wow for sure i thought someone out there would think feliks, guess not a lot of europeans out there lately!