Felix Arkham is here!

I would like to announce that our little boy [name]Felix[/name] has arrived on the 4th Feb 2010 via c-section.
His first name is one that we just love. I think it works well at all stages of life.
His middle name is a bit more unusual. DF is a huge fan of Batman and that’s where the name comes from…it’s a bit dark and obscure but we like it and I think he will appreciate having a Batman name! Of course, if he doesn’t, then he could always pass it off as a family name :stuck_out_tongue:
Huge thank you to nameberry for helping me choose the perfect name for my little boy :slight_smile:

Yea!!! Congratulations! I think you chose a great name, and hope you and [name]Felix[/name] are doing well!

Best wishes to you! :slight_smile:

cupcake that is fantastic news. [name]Felix[/name] Arkham sounds handsome whether or not you know of the Batman connection.