Figured out the middle onto the first name:-)

You were all extremely helpful in guiding my husband and I toward a much stronger list a couple of weeks ago when we were still unsure of the sex. Thank you so much! But we just found out today that we’re having another little boy! I am really excited and so is my husband and my two year old son!

So, we’re pretty sure we’re going to go with the first name [name]Sawyer[/name], but we are very stuck on a middle name. He likes [name]James[/name] and I like [name]David[/name]. Neither of us is budging, so I thought we should start from scratch. Our two year old is [name]Liam[/name] [name]Chase[/name]. [name]Do[/name] you have any suggestions? If it helps, our last name starts with an L and has two syllables.

Thank you so much! I get most of my informed opinions about names from reading these posts:-)

[name]Sawyer[/name] [name]Elliott[/name] (very nice I think)
[name]Sawyer[/name] [name]Gray[/name] (handsome!)
[name]Sawyer[/name] [name]Jackson[/name]
[name]Sawyer[/name] [name]Lucas[/name]
[name]Sawyer[/name] [name]Isaac[/name]
[name]Sawyer[/name] [name]Blake[/name]
[name]Sawyer[/name] [name]Benjamin[/name] (I like this!)
[name]Sawyer[/name] [name]Matthew[/name]
[name]Sawyer[/name] [name]Cole[/name]
[name]Sawyer[/name] [name]Grant[/name]
[name]Sawyer[/name] [name]Miles[/name]
[name]Sawyer[/name] [name]Clay[/name]
[name]Sawyer[/name] [name]Hudson[/name] (love it!)
[name]Sawyer[/name] [name]Drake[/name]
[name]Sawyer[/name] [name]Dean[/name]

Any of these strike your fancy?

Congratulations on another boy! :slight_smile:

[name]Sawyer[/name] [name]August[/name]/[name]Augustin[/name]
[name]Sawyer[/name] [name]Anderson[/name]
[name]Sawyer[/name] [name]Bennett[/name]
[name]Sawyer[/name] [name]Charles[/name]
[name]Sawyer[/name] [name]Donovan[/name]
[name]Sawyer[/name] [name]Davis[/name] (instead of [name]David[/name])
[name]Sawyer[/name] [name]Davidson[/name] (instead of [name]David[/name])
[name]Sawyer[/name] [name]Dashiell[/name]
[name]Sawyer[/name] [name]Declan[/name]
[name]Sawyer[/name] [name]Elias[/name]
[name]Sawyer[/name] [name]Finnegan[/name]
[name]Sawyer[/name] [name]Gideon[/name]
[name]Sawyer[/name] [name]Harrison[/name]
[name]Sawyer[/name] [name]Jameson[/name] (instead of [name]James[/name]?)
[name]Sawyer[/name] [name]Joseph[/name]
[name]Sawyer[/name] [name]Patrick[/name]
[name]Sawyer[/name] [name]Quinlen[/name]
[name]Sawyer[/name] [name]Quinn[/name]
[name]Sawyer[/name] [name]Thomas[/name]

Good luck! :slight_smile:

I just want to add:

[name]Sawyer[/name] [name]Maxfield[/name]

Thank you so much erin and jill! The wonderful people on this site always help me get out of whatever name rut I was in. So, now we’ve decided on a middle name and are choosing between two first names:-)

[name]Asher[/name] [name]Zane[/name]
[name]Sawyer[/name] [name]Zane[/name]

What do you think? I love them both, but I’m leaning toward [name]Sawyer[/name] and my hubby is leaning toward [name]Asher[/name].


I replied on your other thread. I picked [name]Sawyer[/name] [name]Zane[/name], because [name]Asher[/name] [name]Zane[/name], for some reason, doesn’t work form me. :frowning: What about [name]Zane[/name] for the first name?

[name]Andrew[/name] [name]Zane[/name]
[name]Dashiell[/name] [name]Zane[/name]
[name]Edward[/name] [name]Zane[/name]
[name]Everett[/name] [name]Zane[/name]
[name]Garrett[/name] [name]Zane[/name]
[name]Oliver[/name] [name]Zane[/name] (Cool! He’d be [name]Ozzie[/name]!)
[name]Roman[/name] [name]Zane[/name]
[name]Sullivan[/name] [name]Zane[/name]
[name]Wyatt[/name] [name]Zane[/name]
[name]William[/name] [name]Zane[/name]

Good luck!