My mom is big on genealogy, so I asked her to look through the family tree for name ideas. The only one she came across, that I liked, was Filena. It was used as a middle name.

I couldn’t find any meaning for it, so perhaps it got misspelled at some point or was a last name used a mn, which was a common practice.

Any thoughts, opinions?

Also I haven’t even tried to think of a mn. that would go. Any suggestions?

It could be a variant of [name]Felina[/name] (feh-lee-na) which means catlike.
I also did a quick google search and it came up as an australian name (no meaning though) and a surname.

[name]Remember[/name] [name]Faline[/name] from [name]Bambi[/name]? Loved that name!! So pretty.

I love the idea of using family names–I am really into genealogy as well. I just have to mention how much Filena reminds me of cats and the department store Filenes, though. If you love it I think it would fit much better in a middle name spot.

Thanks for the input!
I can’t say I love it enough to use it, but it was a consideration. I hadn’t thought of the feline association, but I totally see it now, so thanks for mentioning that, it’s not a bad association, but one to think of. Also since I’m sure its pretty far up the family tree and I believe my mom was reading it from hand written census record, it is probably a misspelling of [name]Felina[/name]. Nice to know the meaning now too!