Final vote - Middle names for Eloísa and Inés

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Respondents: 60 (This poll is closed)

  • Inés Belén Moreno : 11 (14%)
  • Inés Pilar Moreno : 18 (23%)
  • Eloísa Inés Moreno : 23 (29%)
  • Eloísa Beatriz Moreno: 26 (33%)

Eloísa [name]Beatriz[/name] is so beautiful!

[name]Ines[/name] [name]Pilar[/name]!! Especially with [name]Lucia[/name] I prefer [name]Inez[/name]. [name]Lucia[/name] and [name]Eloisa[/name] are too simular for me :slight_smile:

[name]Love[/name] the choices!

[name]Eloisa[/name] [name]Beatriz[/name] is gorgeous!

With [name]Luc[/name]ía, I prefer the lovely combo of Inés [name]Pilar[/name]. I don’t mind girls names ending in “a” but if there is another option with a different ending that just seems to “fit”, I would choose it everytime. :slight_smile: In the end, it will ultimately come down to which name you and your husband love the most.

I like [name]Eloisa[/name] [name]Beatriz[/name]! I think it fits so well with [name]Lucia[/name] [name]Noemi[/name] and [name]Sebastian[/name] [name]Tomas[/name].

Good luck!

[name]Ines[/name] [name]Belen[/name]! [name]Ines[/name] [name]Pilar[/name] is lovely as well. Can’t go wrong with any of them, really, but I adore [name]Ines[/name] [name]Belen[/name] the most.

Best wishes!

I think [name]Inez[/name] [name]Pilar[/name] is stunning!

[name]Hi[/name], I have a friend named [name]Ines[/name] [name]Beatriz[/name], and she disliked [name]Ines[/name] so much that she goes by “[name]Betty[/name]” obviously a nickname for [name]Beatriz[/name]. Anyhow, I’m pretty fond of my friend [name]Betty[/name] and I think [name]Eloisa[/name] [name]Beatriz[/name] is a cute name that any girl would love.

I loooove [name]Ines[/name] [name]Pilar[/name]! Or [name]Ines[/name] [name]Belen[/name]. I found it hard to choose between the two.

I voted for [name]Eloisa[/name] [name]Beatriz[/name] bc I love [name]Eloisa[/name]! But I was torn, [name]Ines[/name] [name]Belen[/name] is stunning.


I voted for [name]Eloisa[/name] [name]Ines[/name], but I agree with the pp that [name]Ines[/name] goes better with the sibling set. [name]Lucia[/name] and [name]Eloisa[/name] are too similar -unless you named her [name]Eloise[/name] (but then it would be French and not Spanish). :slight_smile:

I really like [name]Eloisa[/name] [name]Pilar[/name] too even though that isn’t one of your options!

To go with [name]Ines[/name], I prefer [name]Pilar[/name]

[name]Eloisa[/name] is so beautiful. It just flows off the tongue like liquid honey, very sweet and delicious.

My vote was for [name]Eloisa[/name] [name]Ines[/name]


[name]Eloisa[/name] [name]Beatriz[/name] is lovely!

and after reading over some of the comments, I also really like [name]Eloisa[/name] [name]Pilar[/name]!

Thanks for the votes and the feedback! I don’t think we can make a decision yet among these, but the comments and votes have been really helpful in narrowing down our choice if we do have a girl. I’m fairly certain that if we have a girl her name will be either Inés or Eloísa. (I like the suggestion of Eloísa [name]Pilar[/name] as well, thanks!)