Finally, a name for our third! Thanks for the help!

[name]Graham[/name] [name]Eliot[/name] [name]George[/name] was born last [name]Sunday[/name]!

Thank you for all the help! His siblings ([name]Auden[/name] [name]Matilda[/name] [name]Anne[/name] and [name]Reed[/name] Wilde [name]Robert[/name]) are absolutely thrilled, and his parents are pretty happy too (understatement). We were planning on the name [name]Heath[/name] [name]Eliot[/name] [name]Harrison[/name], as suggested by ‘mischa’ in our thread (thank you, by the way!) in the sibling section, but when we saw him, [name]Graham[/name] popped into my head and it felt right. We finally got to work in both of our grandfather’s names, [name]George[/name], so that worked well.

We committed to the two middle names, with the second beginning with the same letter as the first. We both studied poetry in college… hence the [name]Auden[/name], Wilde, and [name]Eliot[/name], and this pattern has a rhythmic and poetic quality that we love.

We’ve already started calling him [name]Gray[/name] (I also posted asking if Gradin was a acceptable name, and with the advice, we agreed it wasn’t!). We are so thrilled with the name [name]Graham[/name], because we got to use a family name, and our favorite nickname. I couldn’t imagine him being anything else but our little [name]Graham[/name].

So, thank you for your help!

[name]Love[/name], mommy of [name]Auden[/name], [name]Reed[/name], and [name]Graham[/name]!

Congratulations! I agree [name]Graham[/name] works beautifully with his siblings and I love that you were able to honour family members and also your literary roots.


[name]Hi[/name], congratulations on your new addition! I’m glad everyone is ok and [name]Graham[/name] [name]Eliot[/name] [name]George[/name] is here safe and sound! It’s great that you waited until you saw him to name him. Sometimes a name you choose doesn’t always fit the baby! I love the nickname [name]Gray[/name] too! Best wishes!

Congratulations! And so glad the berries helped with your great choice.