First Pregnancy Symptoms?

[name_m]Hi[/name_m] guys,
So, I’m not trying to conceive right now, but thanks to a birth control mishap, there’s a possibility that I may have accidentally. The earliest I’ll be able to test with any accuracy is the 30th. So I’m hyper-aware of every little twinge and flutter and doesn’t-feel-right sensation in my body right now.
I thought it might put my mind at ease if some of you moms and expecting moms could share your early pregnancy experiences. Like what you felt, when you felt it and what made you think “maybe I’m pregnant this time?”

I just felt off, my body felt different than it had before being pregnant. My breasts were fuller and I just felt different over all. Also I was exhausted, like sleeping all the time.

I think most people don’t really feel much until after a missed period and a positive test, to be honest, but when you are thinking about it a lot it is easy to ‘symptom spot’.

I would say that first time around my only sign was a tiny amount of implantation bleeding, a missed period and a little light-headedness around the time of the missed period. That ended in miscarriage.

Second time (my daughter) I had implantation bleeding a week before I missed my period. A little light-headedness again and metallic taste in mouth around 5 weeks, then boobs got bigger and areolas darker, before nausea hit at 5 and a half weeks.

This time I had no implantation bleeding and again the light-headedness around the missed period, boobs got much bigger at around 5 weeks, and I experienced bloating giving me a little ‘bump’. Nausea didn’t really come on until over 6 weeks and then it was much milder.

Oh and I also had mild cramping all three times but that is extremely hard to distinguish from premenstrual cramping until you have got your positive test.

A lot of early pregnancy symptoms are kind of similar to premenstrual symptoms and also as I say most of the time things don’t kick in until you already know you’re pregnant, so I know it’s hard but try not to read too much into things or spend too much time Googling. [name_f]Do[/name_f] your best to wait patiently and see if you miss your period (the stress of the situation could make it late also, which doesn’t help matters). If you would plan to keep the pregnancy if it does happen, don’t worry too much about alcohol over [name_u]Christmas[/name_u] as that sort of thing doesn’t matter that much before a missed period.

For all three of mine, my earliest dead on sign was a few pimples in the same exact spot- small of my back dead center (and I never get back pimples). I would get these right before first my missed period. Next sign would be light cramping.

Most early pregnancy symptoms mimic pms. Really the only way to know is to wait and test. Symptom checking will make you crazy!

It’s going to be different for everyone, and often the same symptoms for PMS are for Pregnancy as well.

But since you asked, I had strange abdominal pain, which was nothing like my usual period cramps, and my boobs felt really sore (a symptom I never got with my period). It was positive! Another reason I tested was because I was supposed to start fertility treatment in a couple days, so I wanted to be sure before doing that.

Thanks for sharing, everyone!
I get so paranoid about getting pregnant before I’m ready. But I’ve also got the baby fever and I just love hearing other people’s pregnancy experiences. Is that weird? XD

Most people don’t have symptoms until about six weeks so you’re unlikely to be able to tell before a pregnancy test shows up positive. I had really bad morning sickness, so I was very aware very early.

I’m going to bring this thread back for a follow up question:

[name_m]How[/name_m] early did you guys get positive pregnancy tests?
I’m two days away from my projected period and I’ve been having weird not-period cramps on and off all week, along with sore boobs and combo heartburn/nausea.
I’ve done all the research and I know the statistics, I just want to hear from real women who have gone through it and none of my close friends have children.

I strongly advise you to wait until you miss your period, if you do. I have never got a positive until after my period was due. [name_u]Early[/name_u] testing opens you up to uncertainty (negatives that you then wonder if they are false) or possible upset (a positive and then your period comes - chemical pregnancies are common).

You may be having pregnancy symptoms, you may be having a funny cycle with atypical premenstrual symptoms, you may just be having psychosomatic symptoms because you’re obsessing over maybe being pregnant (very possible).

[name_m]Just[/name_m] hold on a little longer!

I got a really strong positive (none of the “is that a line or am I seeing things?”) two days before my missed period with First Response [name_u]Early[/name_u] Results, so I wouldn’t say it’s too early to test. But you do want to test first thing in the morning as your urine is most concentrated and is going to give you the most accurate result.

What test you use really makes a difference. The next morning (still one day before my missed period) I retested with another FRER and a Wondfo strip, and the FRER was positive, while the Wondfo was negative. The Wondfo didn’t show very faint positive until a day after my missed period. They have different thresholds for the level of HCG they will register, so it’s one case where you really do get what you pay for.

As for symptoms, BOOBS! I’m a B-cup on a good day and can get away without wearing a bra frequently. But about 5 days before my missed period, I had to start sleeping in a sports bra because my boobs were so sore.

[name_f]Hope[/name_f] this helps!

I’ve been driving myself crazy because I’ve had some unusual (for me) symptoms this month and am paranoid I might be pregnant. I’m not TTC. Thought it would be interesting to revive this topic though!

Before I found out I was pregnant with my first, during the two week wait, I remember NEEDING orange juice. Like going to the grocery specifically to get it, even though it’s something I have very rarely. Who knows if it was related but it’s fun to think so.

Anyone else have symptoms before they found out they were pregnant?

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Being way more thirsty than normal was one of my very earliest symptoms. I remember thinking it was so weird because I could not get enough to drink. It was odd for me because I admittedly usually don’t drink enough water and I was drinking constantly and still feeling thirsty.
@anon25197097 mentioned she had this symptom too but I haven’t heard too many other people mention it.

I hope it goes whichever way you want it to this month. :blush:


Oh yes 100% described how I felt there. Nothing would quench my thirst. Wanted to drink loads. And then in the third trimester water would give me horrendous heartburn :hushed::rofl:


The first 4/5 weeks, I swear I have no symptoms. For this baby I was positive I WASNT pregnant, but around 5 weeks, I started feeling exhausted, and I needed to use the bathroom like 5 times before I could fall asleep. That’s what clued me in.

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My boobs gave it away before I missed a period! They didn’t hurt, but they felt heavier and started growing lol. I never really had morning sickness, but the crippling exhaustion set in around 6 weeks I think.

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I remember when I was pregnant with my first, I got a random cold like one week or so before my period was due. Then when I was due to start my period, my DH had just gotten a new (used) car and one of the sales person was trying to convince us to pay extra for something and I was soooo annoyed by every word that came out of the guy’s mouth-- I’m usually pretty easy going so this was the moment I did some mental calculations and realized I might be pregnant.

I don’t think I felt any physical symptoms until the nausea came on hardcore around 6 weeks or so.

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With my second I completely went off coffee a week or so before my missed period/positive test. Couldn’t stand the smell or taste of it. I’d been having a cup every morning for about two years before that. I knew I was pregnant then.

With my first, I just “knew.” I can’t remember specific symptoms before the test (coming up on six years ago now so memories are hazy!), but I knew about a week before I tested positive. Nausea started early, around week 5 with her as well.

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  • Waking up absolutely starving.
  • Dry and bleeding nasal passages.
  • Increased heart rate.
  • Adverse reaction to caffeine and sugar (they gave me heart palpitations - horrid!)
  • Always dehydrated (no matter how much I drank!)
  • Permanently tired after 5 weeks.
  • Crazy sense of smell.

And if you ask my husband…

  • Extra irrationally emotional (lol!)
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With my first I just woke up with crazy greasy hair one morning, like someone had put canola oil or something in there! It was the only symptom O got before the positive, and only happened on one occasion - washed hair and it was fine again.

With my second I just ‘knew’ - by which I mean I think there were probably a lot of tiny symptoms my subconscious was picking up on. Needing to pee more was definitely one of them. [name_m]Even[/name_m] though I hadn’t missed a period yet, I got out of bed at 1am one night and tested, and sure enough it was positive.

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