First time Mama advice

Hey there.

I found out last week that I am 10 weeks pregnant. We haven’t told anyone yet so feeling quite overwhelmed and unsure. I am struggling quite badly with morning sickness - I feel sick ALL the time and I am so super tired. I have been drinking ginger tea and have motion sickness bands but wondered if you guys had any tricks, remedies or advice for the nausea and tiredness.

TIA - from a 20y/o first time mama

Welcome, and congratulations!

You’ll start to feel better soon. I’ve really struggled with nausea this pregnancy, so I definitely empathize. Plenty of fluids and small, boring meals. Lemon has been my saving grace - it’s probably all in my head, but even just smelling it makes me feel better.

Good luck, Mama. Sending good vibes your way.

Hey First time mama! Congratulations! I had morning sickness (all day sickness really) with my twin pregnancy. [name_f]My[/name_f] doctor prescribed me Diclegis and it did wonders. I still got sick every morning but I was able to go to work and carry on with my day. If I hadn’t taken it I would have been throwing up all day long.
Maybe check with your doctor to see if it will work for you. Good luck!

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Congratulations @lemonmama and welcome to Nameberry! :blush:

I remember that feeling so well (I have three little ones and was sick until around 20 weeks with all three).

The things that helped me most were to eat little and often, nothing strong tasting or smelly, and never take your pregnancy vitamins on an empty stomach! Learnt that the hard way :nauseated_face:

The good news is that pregnancy sickness tends to peak around 9-12 weeks, so hopefully you’re at the worst point now and you’ll start to feel better very soon.

Are you working currently? If not, embrace it and sleep!

Good luck.

Congratulations! [name_f]Morning[/name_f] Sickness (or All [name_u]Day[/name_u] Sickness) sucks.

Sucking on hard candy (for me Jolly Ranchers) saved me.
A co-worker swore by eating saltine crackers before even getting out of bed every morning.

Good luck

When I was pregnant with my first, I was the exact same way. Congrats and good luck!

Awe Congratulations so exciting! Currently pregnant with my third and I will tell you each pregnancy is different… my first was the worst! With my first I was pretty much sick the ENTIRE pregnancy—- even water made me sick! I discovered in that pregnancy some very helpful things…

  1. Preggy pops! Not sure where you’re located but Amazon is a good carrier of these if not CVS and maybe buy buy baby. I used to get mine at Babies R Us so I’m not 100% sure where to go but these things are AMAZING!

  2. Lemonade! [name_f]Ginger[/name_f] anything has never helped me. So I researched and saw some handle it well some not. For the some not lemon can help be it lemonade, lemon wedges even just smelling a lemon…

  3. Vitamin water! These have been a big part of each pregnancy! Like I said- even water! To stay hydrated my midwife suggested these, ice cream shakes, smoothies and protein drinks/things with protein powder added

  4. Throw out the pregnancy diet! Eat (within reason) whatever doesn’t make you sick! There is so much advice on what you “should” be eating. I think part of what made my first pregnancy so hard was trying to eat the perfect pregnancy diet filled with all the foods they tell you. Life became easier by a long shot when Insurrendered and ate what I could keep down. For my first that meant mostly hot pockets and tangerines! Somethings will need to be proceeded with caution/ avoided (deli meats;’hot dogs; etc)

  5. Consider your prenatal. [name_f]My[/name_f] first pregnancy I realized my prenanatal was part of the problem and had to find one that was easiest on me. VitaFusion is what I landed on… only downfall is no iron or calcium so be prepared to supplement based on what yours does or doesn’t supply.

  6. The advice already mentioned helps! Eating often! Talk with your doctor/midwife- talking with my midwife is what helped me most with knowing the things I mentioned above ! And as mentioned for a lot of people it is only temporary.

Congratulations once again!

I’m not long out of morning sickness (I’m at 20 weeks and am having my scan tomorrow :grimacing: kinda nerve wracking especially with the global state at the moment*), but I’d say weeks 8-10 are the worst. And if yours is anything like mine was, it’ll stop at around 15 weeks. It’s gonna get better <3.
*also out of interest, do any mums know if you can tell the gender right away or if I will have to wait for results?