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  • Positive : 34 (81%)
  • indiferent : 5 (12%)
  • negative: 3 (7%)

I love it! A classical name, [name]Saint[/name]'s name and hiding in plain sight; wonderful! I’m not sure where you’re from bit in the UK it may still encounter a generation who remember the [name]Flora[/name] margarine advert boasting ‘[name]Flora[/name], spreads easily’.

[name]Flora[/name] is fantastic - so very spunky!

I love vintage names but [name]Flora[/name] is very old lady to me. I just can’t see it on a baby whatsoever. It seems a little awkward to me as well. All I hear is “floor” which isn’t negative really but definitely not something I would name my daughter.

Here in [name]England[/name] it is a butter brand so it is best used elsewhere, but I still love this little gem! I’d love to meet a little [name]Flora[/name] amongst all these little Bentleigh’s and [name]Sofia[/name]'s!

I really like [name]Flora[/name]! My only hesitation is the fairy in sleeping beauty. I automatically put [name]Fauna[/name] and Merryweather after it when I say it.

[name]Glad[/name] to see many people think positive about this names.